Truecaller Mod Apk Premium Unlocked 2023

Truecaller Mod Apk is an application which provides you the feature of identifying unknown numbers and alerts you when the number is blocked. The application is designed to help users find their family members, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and others. It also provides a quick search feature that allows you to search for a number by name or phone.

Truecaller details

HEADQUARTERS:Stockholm, Sweden
FOUNDERS:Alan Mamedi & Nami Zarringhalam
KEY INVESTORS:Sequoia Capital, Atomico, Zenith Group

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Block Calls

You can also block calls by tapping on their call button on the screen and then tapping on the “block” option in the pop-up window that appears.

Unknown Numbers

You can also block unknown numbers by tapping on the “unknown” option in the pop-up window that appears when you tap on an unknown number in your list.

Spam Emails

The app also lets you block spam calls and emails, as well as other nuisance calls and texts from people who call or text without your permission.

Unique Algorithm

It uses a unique algorithm to identify unknown numbers and alerts users when the number has been blocked.

Truecaller 5

Search for Numbers

 Users can easily search for numbers using the Truecaller app’s search function. Users can also create groups of contacts they want in one place to quickly see who is calling without having to go through their contact list manually. In addition, the actual caller application has an extensive collection of features that can be used to make your life easier.

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Truecaller Features

 Users can easily search for numbers using the Truecaller app’s search function. Users can also create groups of contacts they want in one place to quickly see who is calling without having to go through their contact list manually. In addition, the actual caller application has an extensive collection of features that can be used to make your life easier.

Display Caller ID 

Another valuable feature of this app is its ability to display caller ID information for incoming calls on your mobile device’s screen. This means that even if you’re not using your phone at that moment, you can still see who is calling you without opening up any other application or taskbar button.

Stay Protected from Robocalls

Truecaller Mod Apk is an excellent tool for staying protected from robocallers and scammers. It can help you identify the phone number, block it and remind you to return the call in the future. Truecaller is an app that lets you identify who’s calling you and eliminate unwanted spam calls.  The app provides a list of numbers that have called you recently and other contacts in your phone book who have received calls from those numbers. You can use this information to block or report spam calls, stopping them from reaching your phone again. In addition, Truecaller lets you block unwanted calls and messages, so you don’t have to worry about receiving texts from people you don’t know.

Call Screening

Truecaller’s call screening feature allows users to revoke calls from unknown numbers that frequently call you, and numbers distributed across multiple countries. Users can also set up notifications for new calls from blocked numbers, so they know when someone is trying to reach them through Truecaller mod apk’s service.

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Modded Apk from here

If you are downloading it from a website page, you have to follow the following steps for this purpose

  • Scroll the page after knowing all about this app from the website where you are downloading it. 
  • Find the download button at any corner of the page after scrolling it on the website page. 
  • As you will get the download button, make sure that there is enough space to save the downloaded file.
  • After making sure your device will save it after downloading and your internet connection is also strong, click on the download button. 
  • After clicking the download button, it will be downloaded in a few seconds and its downloaded file will appear in the downloaded file section of Chrome from where you can easily install it.
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Users can ask their phone for assistance on specific topics like directions or restaurant recommendations using the virtual assistant feature in Truecaller. The virtual assistant will listen to your request and give you an answer based on what it knows about that topic (such as whether there is a nearby restaurant).

Spam Detector

This is the spam detector app for Android and It allows you to block unwanted calls by hiding your number from unknown callers. The app also allows you to block calls from particular unknown numbers that are frequently calling you or when you have previously blocked them.

Advanced Call Blocker

The advanced caller ID feature of Truecaller mod apk lets you block unknown numbers. The app will show incoming calls with unknown numbers and let you decide whether to answer them.

Truecaller 6

Use as Default Text Messaging App

Truecaller is an excellent app for Android users to use as their default text messaging. The app has a simple interface that makes it easy to use and understand. The app also comes with many features that make it one of the best SMS apps in the market.

The best feature of Truecaller is its spam detection technology. It filters spam messages and helps you identify unknown numbers on your mobile phone.

How to search phone numbers with the dialer?
  1. Open Truecaller mod apk and tap on the Dialer icon.
  2. Type a phone number you wish to search for in the search bar at the top of your screen.
  3. Tap on Search.
  4. Tap on Search again if you want to look up another phone number.
  5. You will see a list of numbers that match what you searched for.

Steps To Download

Step 1: Click on the download Icon available at the top of this post.

Step 2:  Go to your phone’s settings and enable the unknown sources to download from a third party.

Step 3: Go to the recent download folder and open this app.

Step 4: Install the app and give all the permissions to access your device.

Step 5: That’s all.

Incognito Mode

In the incognito mode, you can hide your activities from others. You can check anyone’s profile without letting them know about it. Block or detect the true identity of an unknown person without their permission. No one can detect your activities, when you turn on this mode.

View Profile Notifications

This is the most stunning feature of this app. You can get all the notifications of calls and messages of blocked numbers. But his call will only display in the notification. That means an unknown or blocked person can not disturb you via annoying messages or calls. But you can keep your eye on all the messages from the notification section. 

Truecaller is providing this feature absolutely free of cost. You don’t need to pay an even coin to unlock this feature. However, this app may offer some paid features but this stunning feature is completely free of cost.

Easy To Use

The interface and algorithm of this app are quite easy for everyone. You don’t need to perform any complicated tactics to use this app. All the options of its graphical user interface are very simple and easy. The icon and description on every option will help you a lot while using this app. A short and comprehensive description is written on every feature which makes it more simple and convenient for new users. A person who can read or understand English will never find complications while using this app.

Safe & Secure

It may ask you to access your phone’s microphone, location, and media. You don’t need to worry about your personal data because all your contacts and personal information are end-to-end encrypted and 100% safe. 

Dark Mode

You can enable dark mode to save your battery. However, it offers both light and default modes, but it may need more brightness which may increase the battery consumption. To save your battery percentage, you can enable its inbuilt Dark mode.

Reverse Number Lookup

It also provides a very powerful lookup for reverse numbers. In this feature, you can search for the phone number to find the full name of a specific number. This feature lets you ensure that you are calling the correct person by avoiding the guesswork. You can stay in touch with your friend using this free feature. 

Truecaller Assistant

As you know, this app supports AI- Assistant that provides voice-based virtual coverage and a smart call screening experience. It will save you time by providing a high-level mode of spam detection. Its assistant uses a speech-to-text method and machine learning mode to ask questions. In this way, it would be very helpful to find out the reason for unknown calls. 

The caller can record his voice message to explain the reason why he is calling you. In addition, it will tell you 90% correct answers about the scam, robocalls, or spam calls. In this way, it will help you to decide whether to pick up the call or not.


It will also serve you as the main messaging app. Using its messaging feature, you can send or receive messages, set a schedule for future messages, and many more. In addition, it automatically detects the unknown and blocked contacts. It makes a separate section for all the unknown, spam, blocked, telemarketing messages, and scam messages. 

Latest Version

The latest version of this app was recently launched on 15 May 2023. Its latest version contains all the updated features of this app. You can access its latest 13.17.6is available on our site. Just click on below button to download


MOD Version

As you know, this is a paid app. So, people have to purchase its weekly, monthly, or annual subscription plan to use all of its paid features. But what would be your reaction, if you will find its free version? Yeah, you are reading it right. You can access its modded version from our site. In the modded version, you can access all the paid and in-app purchase features without paying a single coin.

 In the modded version of Truecaller, you don’t need any monthly or annual subscription plan to detect your unknown calls. It offers you each and every feature absolutely free of cost. You just have to enable the unknown source option available in your mobile’s settings to access its modded version. After giving access to your device, you can execute all the paid features of this app absolutely free of cost.

Moreover, its mod version also includes some extra features that are not available in the premium version.

MOD Features of Truecaller

Unlimited Call Recording

There is no limit to its call-recording algorithm. You can make unlimited records of your call history without any storage issues. All your recordings will be saved in your account. You can access them by just logging in to your Truecaller Account.


Its modded version has an inbuilt ad blocker that automatically blocks all the annoying ads before they appear on your screen.

Unlocked Paid Features

You will find all the paid features already unlocked in the modded version. Its modded version offers all the paid features absolutely free of cost.

Video Call ID

Video Call ID works like any other caller ID feature in Truecaller. You can see their name, picture, and number on your phone’s display and on your computer when connected over WiFi or 3G/4G data connections. Once you accept a call from that person, your phone will ring and show up in Truecaller, so you can quickly identify them by name or number whenever they call again.

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Here’s How it Works:

  • Open Truecaller and tap on the green phone icon in your notifications bar at the top of your screen.
  • Your caller’s image will appear in real time, along with their information (name, number, and photo). If you prefer, you can also display their number instead of their full name or image.
  • Tap on the Video Caller ID icon that appears in the list of notifications, then tap on a contact from your recent calls list (or tap +0 to add a new connection).


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Mod version of the Truecaller app free?

Yes. The Truecaller mod apk is entirely free to download and use. You can use it for free for as long as you wish. There are no ads or in-app purchases to worry about.

How do I block a number?

Just go to the settings page and find the “Blocking” section. Then you can block a number or contact in a few simple steps.

Can I get my data from Truecaller mod apk back if I want?

You can’t get your data from Truecaller back even after deleting the app from your phone.

What is Truecaller Mod Apk?

Truecaller mod apk is modified version of original app where you can block unknown numbers and there is an automatic call attendant in it that will attend to the spam call and answer them. In addition, you can also block unwanted SMS here for free.

How to download Truecaller on Android?

For downloading Truecaller on Android click on download button above and isntall it into your device.

Is Truecaller a free app?

Yes, Truecaller is a free app but with limited features but if you want the full version for free then download it from the download button to get the apk file of it for free of cost

Is Truecaller safe for Android devices?

Yes, Truecaller mod apk is fully safe for Android devices. The ads are displayed in the free version but blocked in the premium version of this app but you will still get it free from here.

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