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By registering on the ONDC India website

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Login | ONDC India ONDC Register as a Seller in the Seller Console. Sign in with your email address to view your ONDC Marketplace analytics and orders. Mystore is an ONDC-affiliated marketplace developed in India for Indian sellers. Mystore is the first her ONDC participant to connect as an NP for both buyers and sellers.

ONDC App is:
Instructions on how to download ONDC India, which city is right for you, and how to use it

The ONDC website answers questions about whether PIN codes are available across India and if there is a list of his PIN codes where available.

Please enter the following basic details to start selling your products on ONDC India.

Learn how to use ONDC India, a popular food delivery app with cheaper prices than Swiggy and Zomato. Unlike Zomato and Swiggy, it requires access to UPI.

Guide: What is ONDC India:
everything you need to know

ONDC stands for Open Network for Digital Commerce, a place where restaurants can sell groceries directly to consumers.

Instead, ONDC works like UPI. This means you can add it to your existing apps like Paytm, PhonePe, Meesho, etc. ONDC has over 29,000 sellers.

The Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) is an initiative to promote open networking in all aspects of the exchange of goods and services through digital or electronic means. ONDC India (Open Network for Digital Commerce) is a new favorite among gourmets who left Swiggy behind. 

Ondc | Open Network for Digital Commerce

Join ONDC to complete your e-commerce solution. Setting up an ecommerce platform requires a combination of different elements, each of which must be worked on for success. ONDC, on the other hand, provides the opportunity to grow through e-commerce by connecting you with other network partners who complete e-commerce business.

How a Seller Can Join ONDC India?

In April 2022, the Indian government launched the e-commerce revolution, an open network for digital commerce. ONDC is expected to turn the tide on digital commerce in India by increasing consumer purchases and seller engagement via e-commerce within 2-5 years. With ONDC’s open UPI-like model, the Indian government is democratizing digital marketplaces for millions of start-ups, small retailers and big brands, providing local merchants with broad consumer access and growing value chains. I will provide.

From logistics brands like Ekart and digital payment platforms like PhonePe to services like Dunzo, many companies are ready to join his ONDC integration. Key players in the banking sector are in talks to acquire stakes and roles in the opportunities opened up by ONDC’s digital marketplace ecosystem. Apparently, Google is currently in talks with the ONDC platform to find ways to integrate it into their open network.


Current status of ONDC India

ONDC is currently being piloted with selected providers and selected cities to gather feedback and input on its operation. According to the Ministry of Commerce, cities such as Coimbatore, Delhi NCR, Shilong, Bengaluru and Bhopal have been selected for the pilot phase of ODNC, which will oversee retail and restaurant operations, while ONDC will focus on the mobility and travel industries. It is planned to be expanded to include . ONDC plans to expand to more than 100 cities nationwide in the coming months, aiming to attract 10 million sellers and his 30 million sellers.

How does ONDC work?

ONDC provides an open source foundation and a neutral network based on the Unified Payments Interface model. This means a level playing field for market participants from sellers, providers and consumers to logistics partners. In an open network where sellers and buyers participate in ONDC, a consumer searching for a product on Participant A’s app or registered platform can interact with Participant B and Participant C on the same app or platform without switching to the app. You can also view similar searches by . Participant B and Participant C.

For example, if Amazon and Flipkart both participate in his ONDC, a consumer searching for a product on Amazon will also see her searches from Flipkart on Amazon itself, even if she doesn’t visit Flipkart. increase.

How does ONDC help sellers?

ONDC India

ONDC India simultaneously empowers the e-commerce marketplace and e-commerce consumers with its ability to provide equal opportunity for all participants. Currently, India’s e-retail market is very small compared to the UK, South Korea, China, etc. This limitation is due not only to the dominance of players such as Amazon and Flipkart, but also to the limited reach of digital commerce in rural areas and small towns.

Merchants connected to ONDC will be visible on multiple platforms and available to buyers. With ONDC, buyers and sellers do not need to be registered on the same network or platform.

By accessing a broader consumer base, ONDC India will enable small retailers, kirana stores, new sellers and other vendors to participate in e-commerce, reaching over 25 million people in hundreds of cities in India. You will be able to sell your goods and services to a large consumer base of shoppers. So far, many merchants have moved away from e-commerce, and some have not yet found their own platform or find the terms unfavorable. ONDC aims to transform its e-commerce platform to provide an opportunity-based system for more retailers and sellers.

Digital payments have grown significantly after the introduction of his UPI, which connects all key participants. ONDC hopes to achieve similar momentum in connecting with participants and grow the Indian e-commerce industry to competitive proportions. 

How do I become a member of the ONDC network?

If you live in one of the five cities selected for the ONDC India pilot, ask your local dealer or vendor about his ONDC seller application, attend a workshop, and learn how to connect to ONDC. please

His ONDC India in UEngage

Platforms like UEngage, which is committed to creating digital spaces for platforms like restaurants, coffee shops, and areas like online distribution, have welcomed the launch of ONDC and his UPI-like capabilities. The UEngage founders are excited to see how ONDC will revolutionize digital commerce for buyers and sellers in sectors such as mobility, hospitality, travel, retail and restaurants. uEngage offers an ONDC seller app that helps you beat your competitors. The uEngage app allows you to integrate your shop with ONDC for free 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.How will ONDC benefit me?

If you onboard yourself to ONDC, your business will be visible across all the buyer apps and it’ll get you an order inflow.

2.How many orders can I expect?

ONDC has a huge growth potential. While currently, it might not bring you a huge order volume, but in the long run, it will be pioneering the ecommerce industry of India and as it aims to reach more than 25 Crore Indians.

3.Are there any charges or commissions involved?

Yes, there are nominal commissions upon the orders that you’ll get via ONDC Network.

3% plus GST is charged by the Buyer app

2% plus GST is charged by uEngage (Seller App), which is an industry best rate.

4.Do I need to deliver the orders myself or hire my own delivery fleet?

No, various logistics providers are coming up on the ONDC network. You can deliver your orders via Dunzo & LoadShare, while many more providers would be joining the list in future.

5.But how will customers find me on ONDC?

Customers can find you over Buyer apps. There are various buyer apps available in the market, with the likes of Paytm, MagicPin already live, while various more are coming up soon.

Accelerate Your Growth

Regardless of what aspect of business you are engaged in, ONDC provides you opportunities to accelerate your growth.


  • Seller – Get an equal opportunity to compete with large market players and become discoverable online.
  • Buyers – Enjoy a seamless shopping experience from a wide assortment of products across categories in a single checkout experience.
  • Tech Companies – Rapid adoption of products and services and achieving scale in go-to-market efforts.
  • FinTech – Provide credit and financing solutions to all entities engaged in e‑commerce.

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