YouTube Vanced MOD APK v18.08.34 (Pro Unlocked) Download

We present one of the best YouTube alternative applications, YouTube Vanced MOD APK. So, if you are looking for the best YouTube alternative version or YouTube Vanced 2023 MOD APK, this post is for you. I have shared the YouTube Vanced MOD here, so if you want to download it, you can easily do it from here. For those who want to enjoy YouTube without ads and with rock sponsorship,

this YouTube Vanced Apk is perfect for you. YouTube is currently one of the most popular social media platforms on the internet. And now it has billions of users. So, if you are one of them and want to watch YouTube video ads for free, then this YouTube Vanced MOD APK is for you. 

What is YouTube Vanced MOD APK?

Who doesn’t know what YouTube Vanced MOD APK is? Basically, it is an alternative version of YouTube that allows you to watch all YouTube videos with many useful features. YouTube Vanced MOD APK looks just like the original YouTube, but offers for free all the features that YouTube only offers for a fee. Just like watching ad-free content on the original YouTube, you’ll need to purchase a premium membership. But with this application you can use it completely free just by installing the application. 


Additional Information

App NameYouTube Vanced MOD
Size126 MB
Latest Version18.08.34
Requires6.0 and Up
DeveloperTeam Vanced
Last UpdateMay 30, 2023

Download Now YouTube Vanced MOD Android

YouTube Vanced MOD APK

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YouTube Vanced MOD (126 MB)

YouTube Vanced cloud be stop in few months, To continue the legacy of Vanced download the official alternative YouTube ReVanced

YouTube ReVanced (Official)

New Features YouTube Vanced MOD APK

So here we have shared the modified or alternative version of YouTube i.e. YouTube Vanced MOD APK. And this application offers for free so many extra features never seen in YouTube Originals. These features include free ad viewing, PIP mode, sponsored blocking, background playback, and more. Read this full post to learn more about this YouTube Vanced MOD APK. 

YouTube Vanced MOD APK
YouTube Vanced MOD APK

  • No ads. (Watch all videos ad-free).
  • Play in background. (play background and turn off mobile display).
  • Force the highest resolution (4K if you have an HD screen).
  • White, black and dark themes. (Choose your favorite topic).
  • Slide your finger to adjust brightness and volume.
  • Change preferred video quality on mobile and his Wi-Fi.
  • Override the device’s maximum video resolution.
  • Change preferred video speed. Override the default codec.
  • Enable Hide Home Ads (experimental feature).
  • Disable YouTube Stories. (This feature helps turn off YouTube Stories).
  • Launch Miniplayer on your tablet. Enable comment location.
  • Home search bar. (You can add a search bar to your phone’s home screen.)
  • dark theme. (This dark theme can save your device’s battery more than 20%.) Disable full HDR brightness.
  • Activate the experimental player.
  • Enable swipe controls for brightness and volume. (Simply swipe up or down to adjust screen brightness). 

Block All the YouTube Ads

The only annoying thing about YouTube is that too many ads make you bored while watching videos. However, we have shared here the completely ad-free YouTube Vanced MOD APK. So, with the YouTube Vanced MOD APK, you will no longer have to face ads while watching YouTube content. 

Return Dislike Button

YouTube Vanced MOD APK

In November 2021, YouTube hid the YouTube “dislike” button. This means that you will not be able to see dislikes on any video as this feature is hidden. But don’t worry. The solution is YouTube Vanced MOD APK. In this application the “dislike” button is displayed again. This makes this great YouTube alternative app easy to use. 

(PIP Mode) Picture in picture

YouTube Vanced MOD APK

One of the best features of this YouTube Vanced MOD APK is the PIP mode. Now, for those who don’t know what PIP mode is, let me explain. Basically, PIP means Picture in Picture that you can use other apps while watching YouTube videos with YouTube Vanced MOD APK. This allows multitasking. B. Chat on Facebook, WhatsApp, and more. 

Control Brightness With Sliding

When I watch videos after traveling outdoors, I have to adjust the brightness on my phone, but really, I have to use the notification options on my phone to adjust the brightness. However, if you’ve used MX Player before, you probably know that there is a “Slider controls brightness” option that allows you to adjust the brightness with a slider only. And this YouTube Vanced MOD APK has a similar brightness control with a slider, you can also control the brightness just by sliding it. 

Play Videos in the Background

YouTube Vanced MOD APK

One thing people don’t like about YouTube is that if you close your mobile display while listening to music, the video will stop. But you can’t always look at the display when listening to music. So, if you are also facing this problem, YouTube Vanced MOD APK is the solution. Essentially, this version of YouTube has a background running feature where the video doesn’t stop while the ad is closed. 

All Sponsor Block

YouTube Vanced MOD APK

When I watch videos of my favorite creators on YouTube, the videos are sponsored and it’s very frustrating. However, this only applies to the original, so this YouTube Vanced MOD APK does not require you to deal with any sponsors. Because YouTube Vanced MOD APK has a feature called All Sponsor Block. So this feature helps skip the sponsored part of the video. So if you don’t want to be interrupted while watching videos on YouTube, use this application. 

Change Theme

In general, with the original YouTube, it’s always the same topic, so it’s getting boring and boring. This happens to a lot of people, but with the YouTube Vanced MOD APK you never have to get bored as this application offers amazing themes. You can enjoy white, black and dark themes in this application. So if you feel bored with this application, change the subject and keep having fun. 

High Quality Watching

This YouTube Vanced MOD APK not only offers so many features, but also offers a very high quality viewing experience. Compared to other applications, this application is special because it has its own specialties. This YouTube Vanced MOD APK allows you to watch videos in 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2k and even his 4k. Download the application to watch his real 4K content on YouTube. 

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User-Friendly Interface

However, if you’re new to this YouTube Vanced, I’m sure you’ll find this APK very special, but let’s be clear. Basically, using YouTube Vanced is very simple and easy. This application has a very easy-to-use interface that anyone can use. To enjoy the app, the developer has designed the interface of this app in a user-friendly way. In short, it’s very simple, just like regular YouTube. 

Please Read: To use YouTube Vanced App with your Google Account to use full features like subscribe a channel or like or dislike a video, download content, etc you must need to install Vanced MicroG APK, which is also developed by Team Vanced.

YouTube Vanced MOD Review By

If you’re worried about using the YouTube Vanced MOD APK, don’t worry. Thanks to this YouTube Vanced Pro APK, we and the team have realized that this application is really great to use and experience with YouTube content. And on our site you can get the best and latest version of YouTube Vanced MOD APK, so if you want to enjoy YouTube with many features, you can download the application without quarry. PIP mode lets you watch videos in high quality, which helps you enjoy YouTube while you do other things. 

Last Thought

So, in the end, I think you should use this YouTube Vanced MOD APK. This is because this application is great for watching YouTube content ad-free and offers a number of features to enhance your content viewing experience. With it, you can run YouTube Vanced MOD APK depending on your mood. For example, if you want to use this as a background music player, you can do that too.

Moreover, this application offers the best user-friendly experience to satisfy its users and we are sure that with YouTube Vanced MOD APK you will be very satisfied. This application is also known to block sponsorship ads. For example, if your video has a sponsored part, you can skip it directly. Basically, this application is not only for entertainment, but also for saving precious time. 

Installation Guide For Vanced YouTube MOD APK

Notice: Downloading and installing the YouTube Vanced MOD APK is not that easy, but many people don’t know it. So if you are also one of those who don’t know how to download and install her YouTube Vanced MOD APK. Then we have fully explained below this paragraph how to download and install this application. Read the instructions and easily complete the installation. 


To download, first you will see a download button on this page, click this button. Then go to the original download page and click there to see the download button. Now that the YouTube Vanced MOD APK has started downloading, wait for it to complete 100%. 


YouTube Vanced MOD APK
Giving unknown source permission

1: You have downloaded the YouTube Vanced MOD APK. Then go to your phone’s settings and go to Security & Privacy > Unknown Sources. Here you need to enable the toggle switch next to “Unknown Sources” and tap “OK” when prompted.

2: If you want to enjoy the features of YouTube Vanced MOD APK, you need to download and install the microG app. Then use your file manager to find and tap the downloaded YouTube Vanced file to start the installation process. Once installed, open YouTube Vanced and sign in with your Google account. 

YouTube Vanced MOD installtion done

F1: Is the YouTube Vanced MOD APK ad-free?
Yes, of course, this YouTube Vanced MOD APK does not contain any ads at all. This is one of the main reasons why people prefer to use YouTube Vanced MOD APK compared to the original YouTube. Yes, you can run this application without showing individual ads.

F2: Is the YouTube Vanced MOD APK safe to use?
If you want to download and install the YouTube Vanced MOD APK on your phone, don’t worry. Using the YouTube Vanced MOD APK is completely safe and you have nothing to worry about.

F3: How to Download YouTube Vanced MOD APK on PC
Basically, YouTube Vanced MOD APK is not suitable for PC. If you want to use YouTube Vanced MOD APK on PC, you need to install an emulator. An emulator allows you to run this application on your PC.

F4: Is this YouTube Vanced MOD APK available for iOS?
If you are an iOS user and want to download and install YouTube Vanced MOD APK on your phone, we are very sorry, but this YouTube Vanced MOD APK is not suitable for iOS devices. Therefore, this application is basically not compatible with iOS smartphones.

F5: Are you using the YouTube Vanced MOD APK?
Of course, if you don’t know, the YouTube Vanced MOD APK can be beneficial. Because if you want to watch original videos without ads, you have to pay and buy a premium membership, but this YouTube Vanced MOD APK does not charge money in any way.

F6: How can I update the YouTube Vanced MOD APK?

As you know, YouTube Vanced MOD APK is not available on Play Store or App Store. Here’s how to download the application: So if you think you need to update your YouTube Vanced MOD APK, you can easily get the latest version by visiting again. 


  • Watch Videos Without Ads.
  • No need accounts.
  • Select many themes.
  • Very user-friendly interface.
  • Block all sponsors in videos.
  • Return dislike button.

What’s New?

  1. Bugs Fixes.
    1. Batter Quality.
    2. No Lag.
    3. Anti Ban.
    4. Improve Watching Experience.

Disclaimer: We are not the original developer of the app and are not associated with original developers in any way whatsoever. The purpose of this site is for educational purposes only.

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