15 + Ways How to Make Money From Google in 2024

Hello friends today we will know in this article that How to make money from google can go। Google is a very big company in the world, there are many ways to make money। Now the new year 2024 is coming or has come, if you have not yet discovered the source of earnings, you can make money through Google।

Generally, you will only know one way to earn money from Google। But today we will read more than 15 times in this article on the tricks of making money from Google। You can earn millions of rupees in Mahine through Google। So let me tell you now How to Make Money From Google?


How to make money from Google in 2024 15+ ways

Through Google you can make money from many Tariko, but hard work and investment will be required for this। It takes time and effort to earn from Google in the beginning। If you are a hardworking person, we will tell you how you can earn from Google।

Google is a world-wide surge engine, which offers a variety of Internet services such as search engines, hardware, software, advertising, cloud commuting, etc। Google also gives people the option to earn money from different tricks along with providing these services।

The harder you work on Google, the more money you will be able to make। How to make money from google, There are following methods for this।

1. By Google AIDS (Google Adwords)

You can earn millions of rupees through Google Edward। This is a plateform with which you can show your Google Aid platform like Yuteube। You can bring a lot of audiences and customers to your platform by showing Google Aid and selling your services and products।

If you learn to use Google Aid properly, you can make good profits by bringing a trophic to any of your platforms। You have to pay some money to show Google Aid। It is used by all types of companies, small and large, to promote themselves and sell products and services।

Apart from this, many bloggers, yutubers, app creators do a lot of trophic by Google Aid। To show Google Aid you have to register on the Ads.google.com website। Google Se Paise Kaise Kamaye, This is quite a great way।

2. Made money from Google by blogging (Blogging) on Google

in this time Ways to make money from google from Blogging Ways to make money Has been most liked by the logo।

We can say to Blogging that this is a digital diary, in which you can spread your Skills online on the Internet। By blogging in this way, today many people are earning lakho rupees from thousandos every month।

If you like writing on a subject and you can write an article then you too can make money by blogging। Do you have a question that “How to start blogging” If so, I will tell you some important points in the summary। From which you can start your blog।

  • To start blogging, one must first create one of your blogs on Blogger.com।
  • After this, you have to choose the lowly of your blog and accordingly buy a domain will start।
  • After purchasing the domain choose a good theme for your blog।
  • After this you make your blog User Friendly। And upload at least one article everyday।
  • When good trophic starts coming on your website, you take approval of Google Adsense from Google। However, you can take Google Adsense Traffic even before it arrives।

To earn money by blogging, choosing the right Niche along with writing articles, Domain name, Hosting, User Friendly Theme, SEO etc. are also very important।To know in detail in its bars, you can read the article related to them on our blog।

3. From Google Adsense (Google AdSense) on YouTube

I’m sure you would know in YouTube bars। when we Easy ways to earn money from google Talking about, the first of them is YouTube and other blogging। For this reason, lakh people in India today are earning lakho rupees by showing their talent on YouTube।

Actually YouTube is a Google company। On which many YouTubeers are earning lakho rupees every month by taking Google Adsense। YouTube can be a good option for you if you can also access your skills by creating a video।

  • To earn money from YouTube, first of all you have to choose a topic for your channel। On which you can make video।
  • After choosing the topic, create that topic enabled YouTube channel on YouTube।
  • After creating the channel, you will create new – new videos that are related and upload them to your channel।
  • When 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of Watch time are completed on your channel, your channel is monetized।
  • When the channel is monetized, the ad will appear on your channel and your YouTube earning will start।

 Your earnings on YouTube depend on your video views। Generally you get 1$ for 1000 views। Which will increase as your views increase।

YouTube ways to make money In addition to Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorship etc।

4. By Job for Google (Google Job)

If you have studied Computer Science, you can take a good celery package by taking a job in Google’s company। Today there are many people from India who are working for Google। Even the CEO of Google is an Indian।

Recently there was a news that a Londoner from India had hacked Google for some time। Whose information was later given to Google। After which Google gave him a job by giving him a package of do।

In this way you too can apply for a job in Google online। However, you have to work hard for this।

Every lakho people apply online to take Google jobs but Google takes very few and different people।

If you want to take a job in Google, then for this you should come to speak, write and read English। English is required to communicate with the logo of different countries।

Apart from this, if you want to work in India then you can work in Google office located in India। Google’s offish is also located in Adar Gundgaon, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Dh Mumbai Shahro, India।

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5. By Google Opinion Rewards (Google Opinion Rewards)

Google Opinion Reward can be beneficial for logos that like to play games like BGMI or Free Fire।

Actually Google Opinion Reward is a survey application of Google। Where you can easily make money by completing the survey।

That is, Google Opinion Reward is an application that tells people to do small surveys। If you complete their survey, you get money instead।

However, you cannot put the earned peso in Google Opinion Reward in your bank account। It can only be used to buy a pad app or book in Google Play Store or something in games like BGMI OR Free Fire।

Google Opinion Reward Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

  • Download it from Google Play store to earn money from Google Opinion Reward।
  • After downloading it, create an account with the help of G-mail।
  • After this you filled the tailed whole।
  • After filling all the information you will see many Survey। Where you can easily make money by completing।

6.  Google Analytics ( Google Analytics ) – Google Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

Google Analytics is an important and valuable tool of Google। Which is used in obtaining information related to the website such as traffic, user analysis and sales।

In easy terms we can say that Google Analytics reserves records of logo data coming to your website or any other online platform।

At this time almost all digital marketing vibrations or vibrations promoting their goods online।

If you have a very good knowledge in the bars of Google Analytics, then you can take a lot of freelancing work from it। There are many such companies that are looking for experts in Google Analytics।

However, to earn money from Google Analytics, you should know it very well।

7. Through Google Classroom (Google Classroom)

Google Classroom is a web service। Its bars should know the teachers who want to earn money by giving children an online class or teaching online।

However you cannot make direct money from Google Classroom। But if you are a teacher, your child can teach online on an app and upload his study material and homework to Google Classroom।

Which does not allow you to send homework or study material to the bar and separately। Once uploaded, the student who has joined your class। They will get homework together।

Google Classroom Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

  • First you download it from the Google Play Store।
  • After this you have to log in with G-mail help।
  • After logging in you have to create your class and then invite the children।
  • Now the children who join your class, you can take fees from them and earn money।

8. By Google Taskmate ( Google Taskmet )

Many ways to earn money from Google are fun। Google Task Mate is also a method of which। Where you can make money by answering easy questions or answering small surveys।

Actually Google takes the help of Google Task Mate to get information about various attenuation and their language। Then they tail you in your place, language bars।

On the basis of which they give you questions, by answering which you can make money। Apart from this, you can also make money by taking a picture of the restaurant, answering the survey and translating English Vakyo into your local language।

In this application you can choose any survey according to yourself and make money from it and put your earned peso in your bank account।

Google Task Mate Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

  • Download it from Google Play Store to earn money from Google Task Mate।
  • After that, put an e-mail ID in it, click on Get Started and give permission for your location।
  • If you have a GSTIN number, enter and select your language।
  • Now you can make money by choosing your favorite task, completing it।
  • After completing the task, you will also have to add your bank account।

9. From Google Play Store (Google Play Store)

If you have a smart phone, you will be aware of the Google Play Store। Using which you download many gaming apps, study apps and business apps etc. in your mobile।

But you will hardly know that by uploading your app to Google Play Store, you can easily earn 15 to 20 thousand rupees every month sitting at home।

However, to earn money from Google Play Store, you should come to create coding and Android app or else you have to get the app from Dusaro by spending 15 to 20 thousand rupees।

You can make money in two ways by uploading the app to the Google Play store। By giving the first subscription and showing the other ed। However, the Google Play Store charges some fees for first uploading। (About $25 = Rs 2000)

In the first way you take money from the user to access the app। Whereas in the other way, you are reduced by showing add। For this you have to monetize on app admob and free it for all users।

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10. How to make money from google by Google Adamob ( Google Admob )

Google Admob is also a service of Google like Google AdSense। Which is used to place ads on blogs, websites, YouTube, apps etc।

The difference in these both is that Google Adsense uses website, blog, Ads are used to place ads on YouTube channels etc. while Admob is used to show ads on Mobile Application।

If you must have or come to build applications to earn money from Google Admob।

If you do not know how to create an app, you can create an app using a website such as appsgeyser or from another person।

After making the app, you can earn money by adding Admob’s ad। However, before this, you will have to create an account on Admob and take Adsense approval from it।

How to make money from google Admob

  • First you create an app or create an app from an app developer।
  • After this, create your account on Adamob।
  • Now take AdSense approval from Admob।
  • After this, you should apply it on your app by admob Ads Create।
  • After this, more people will download the app and click on your ad। You will get more money।

11. From Google Meat (Google Meet)

Google Meet is a type of video conferencing service, with the help of which you can have virtual meetings through audio, video, chat and screen sharing with a maximum of 100 logos।

Although there is no way to earn money directly from Google Meet, you can earn money by teaching many ways like online client meetings, teaching, seminars।

How to make money from google meet

  • First you created your account on Google Meet।
  • After this you “New meeting Create a meeting by clicking ”।
  • Now let them share the link to their meeting। Where do you want to do these।
  • In this way you can earn money by taking online meeting or class with the help of Google Meat।

12. How to make money from google via google pay

Today’s article (Google Se Paise Kaise Kamaye) We have known many ways in bars। In this episode, we will now focus on Google Pay।

Google Pay is a secure and popular digital wallet and payment plate form। Which is also used to earn money online along with making personal payments।

When you make a payment using Google Pay, you get a reward point or cash back। From which you can shop online।

Apart from this, you can also earn money by referring to Google Pay। If someone makes a payment by downloading the app from your referral link, then you get Rs 20 and friends for Rs 21. See you।

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13. Google Play Book ( Google Play Book )

Google Play Book is also a product of Google। It is an e-book platform। On which you can earn quite well by uploading your book and sitting at home at a fixed price।

If you publish your book on Google Play Book, it appears in the e-book section on Google play store।

When you publish your e-book, there you get the option to set the price। From which you can set the price of your e-book।

So that if someone buys your book, you get the same price। How much money can you make from this? It depends on the rating and review of your e-book।

14. Google Map ( Google Map )

Google Map is also a product of Google। Which is used today to reach another place from one city to another and from one place to another।

With the help of Google Map, you can not only get the geographical information of an Kshaitra but can earn money by connecting with its Google Map Local Guide Program।

Actually you can earn money from Google Map by joining the Google Map Local Guide program to improve the information of any local satra।

Google Map Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

  • First you log in to Google Map with the help of G-mail।
  • After logging in, you join the Google Map Local Guide program।
  • Now wherever you go, earn money by giving information about hotels, malls, shops etc।

Conclusion- How to make money from google

However, today there are many ways to earn money from Google, some of which are important and easy to find in this article। How much money can you make from Google? It depends on your hard work and the way you adopt to make money।

You can earn millions of forms every month from Google, provided you have to work hard। Hope you know by now that How to make money from google?

Finally, I thank you for reading this article in full and have been involved with our blog to read an article containing such information।

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FAQS- How to make money from Google 2024

So far we have this article Ways to make money from google Information is received in bars। Now we How to make money from google The question of the general question to be tailed by the embattled logo knows the answer।

Q. Can money be made from Google?

A. There are many ways to earn money from Google। Such as – blogging, youtube, google pay, google map, google analytics etc।

Q. What to do to earn money from Google Adsense?

A. To earn money from Google Adsense, you have to make your own blog। Everyday articles have to be written on it। Which many visitors will come to read and if someone clicks on your ad, you get money for it।

Q. What are the ways to make money from Google in 2024?

A. You can make money in 2024 by blogging, from Google Play Store, Google Opinion Reward, YouTube etc।

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