Business Idea: Earn Rs 1 Lakh Every Day by Setting up a Mobile Petrol Pump, know How to Start

Business Idea: If you also want to earn money by doing business, then we are going to tell you that you can earn lakhs of rupees by setting up a petrol pump, let us know in detail about the process to start it.

A large number of people are employed in India. But one thing always lingers in everyone’s mind. This is the idea of ​​starting your own business. Everyone wants to have a business in which the income is good and they can easily fulfill all their dreams. But to start a business a huge capital is required.

Then, in doing business, the danger of capital loss and not getting fixed income every month also haunts people. Whereas in the job, they see the salary they get every month and people are forced to give up this thinking. But there are some people who take these threats as challenges and start their own business and emerge as successful entrepreneurs.

Why You Start It?

If you also want to become an entrepreneur and want to start a successful business, then today we have brought a business idea for you which can be started with less capital and earn money every month. The profit is much better. Along with this, the risk in this business is negligible.

Till now, whenever there is talk of successful business, the first thing people talk about is petrol pump. But the investment of capital in opening a petrol pump (Petrol Pump Business) is very high, then the names for opening a petrol pump are selected through a draw. Because of this, very few people can do this work. But what if we tell you that now you can also own a pump, that too with less capital. Let us tell you how you can become the owner of a diesel pump with less capital.

Mobile Petrol Pump – The Business Idea

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For filling of petrol and diesel, you have to go to the pump and there the fuel is filled in your vehicle. But now such a wonderful concept has come in which a mobile petrol pump will fill you with fuel and that too at your place. Actually, Repos Energy, a Pune based startup, has introduced the concept of mobile diesel pump in the market. This pump was also showcased at Auto Expo 2023.

How does it Work?

This diesel pump has been designed on a truck. It comes in capacity of 3 thousand, 4 thousand and 6 thousand litres. You can get it designed from the company on Mahindra, Tata or Eicher trucks. Its price starts from Rs 17 lakh. The price varies according to each capacity and truck company.

What is the Process?

To start this business, first of all you need to open a private limited, LLP or partnership firm. Along with this, you will have to register the company as a startup. After this, Repos Energy will take care of all the remaining work. Actually, to open a mobile diesel pump, you need many types of licenses and permissions. Then applications and contracts with petroleum companies are required. After the formation of the company, Repos Energy also provides you full assistance in all these works. This entire process takes 90 to 120 days.

What will be the Total Investment?

To start this business initially you will need Rs 21 to 23 lakh. You will also need an office setup as well as parking space to park the diesel truck.

Where will the Supply Be?

At present you will be able to supply only diesel from this mobile pump. You will not be able to fill this diesel by parking the car on the road. This can only be supplied commercially. You will be able to supply diesel to schools, colleges, societies, factories, hospitals and construction sites where diesel is required to run generators or to power a large number of vehicles.

How Much will be Earned?

If you take a pump of 3 thousand liter capacity and supply up to 2 thousand liters in a day, then you can earn Rs 4 thousand every day. Its easy calculation. You get a profit of up to Rs 2 per liter diesel. The petrol pump dealer also gets the same profit. However, this is very less and according to the company, 4 to 5 thousand liters of diesel is being supplied every day from a mobile pump. But even if we take the figure of Rs 4 thousand, then in 30 days you earn Rs 1.2 lakh. After taking out all the expenses, the net earning comes to around Rs 1 lakh.

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