Facebook Money Machine: 10+ Ways to Earn Lakhs in 2024 (No Scams!)

Facebook money earning- If you have a smartphone, it is natural that you will know general information about Facebook। But have you ever used Facebook to make money besides watching, sharing and liking videos? Perhaps your answer is “ nor ”।

It is true that many people today Lakhs rupees from Facebook Earning and you can also earn। But most people are using it only for entertainment because they are not aware of the way to earn money from Facebook।

So today we have for you Facebook money earning ways Article is written on। In this we 10+ Easy ways to make Facebook money Will know about।


What is Facebook – What is Facebook

Facebook one social media platform Using which you can connect with the logo sitting in different Hisso of the world। It is absolutely free for all logos and people can use it without any time limit।

Facebook has a social network that is a means of connecting multiple logos together online, which 4 February 2004 Was lauched। Its founder Mark zuckerberg Is one of the list of the richest people in the world।

How to create Facebook Account

If you want to make Facebook money, you have to create a Facebook account। But if you have made it once, you do not need to make it again। Follow the following steps to create a Facebook account –

  • First open Facebook in your phone or in mobile and “Create newClick ”।
  • After this you filled in your birth dates and other information।
  • After filling all the information, you create your Facebook password।
  • You can log in on Facebook after creating Facebook password।
  • After logging in, you can add the profile by going to the edit profile।

Important point to earn money from Facebook

For Facebook Se Paise Kaise Kamaye you will need the following things।

  • You must have Facebook Account।
  • Facebook must have its own smartphone or leptop.।
  • A good internet connection will be needed।
  • Must have your bank account, pan card, and UPI ID।
  • Must be targeted audience।
  • The most important should be your other creativity।

Make Facebook money

By the way, today there are many ways to make money using Facebook।  But today we are going to know about the easiest way to Facebook Se Paise Kaise Kamaye from this article। You can easily make money using any method।

  • To earn money from Facebook, you have to download Facebook App in your mobile।
  • After that you create your account in it।
  • After creating an account, build a relationship with Dusare।
  • Which will increase your followers। Because the more your followers are। You will be able to earn as much money from different ways।

There are many ways to earn money from Facebook but we will focus our attention on easy ways among them। From which you can earn lakho rupees। like-

  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Reels
  • Facebook Page
  • Freelancing
  • URL Shortner
  • Facebook Group
  • Sponsorship
  • Referral Program
  • Affiliate marketing
  • PPD Website
  • PPC Website Etc.

If you want to know about Facebook Se Paise Kaise Kamaye, then pay special attention to that Facebook does not give you direct money for any work। But you can make money from many ways using Facebook।

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10+ Ways to make Facebook money

As we up Ways to make money from facebook Has told। But now all those ways are going to be known in detail।

1. Make money from Facebook by uploading Facebook Reels

In the past few times, small – small videos and rills were becoming much more liked by the logo but people were getting more upset after Ticketok was banned।

For this reason, Facebook gave its users the features of making Shorts Video। With the help of which people can edit and upload small videos ranging from 15 seconds to 1 minute।

Today many people also do this to earn money। But for this you have to convert your Facebook Account to a Professional account। After which you can upload short on your page।

You can make money from Facebook Rills from the same day when you complete Facebook Criteria। Facebook Reels Play Bonus features launched by Facebook on 22 February 2022 to promote the artist who created the rills। Under which Wallo, who makes rills, will be given some money by Facebook।

Facebook Criteria Kya Hai?

  • 5000 followers on Facebook page or account
  • 60,000 minutes of watch time in last 60 days
  • At least 5 reels must be uploaded।

2. Make money from Facebook Marketplace

If you do a business, you can promote your business online with the help of Facebook Facebook marketplace features and earn a lot of money by selling your product online Can।

Facebook Marketplace But how to market the product-

  • First of all by opening your Facebook “profileClick on the option of ”।
  • After this “MarketplaceClick the option of ”sell“ by selecting ”।
  • After this you will get three options (Items, Vehicles or home for sell or rent)। Of which you choose one।
  • After that you click on “Publish” by uploading information and photos of your products।

In this way you can make good money by selling the product on Facebook। Apart from this, you can also advertise to increase the sales of your product।

3. How to make money from Facebook by creating Facebook Group

Just the way you make whatsapp group Facebook group Can also make and add many logos to it।

In this you can share blogs, posts, videos, photos like WhatsApp। If your Facebook group has more than 10,000 thousand logos attached then you can earn better than this।

Because the Facebook group has many members connected। They get easy to promote their service through many vibrations and logos।

To earn money from Facebook group, all your members should be active। You can take the help of many blog posts, photos, videos or links to keep your members active।

Facebook group Ways to make money from-

  • by publishing paid post
  • Event create by
  • By renting to group
  • P from Sponsorship
  • URL Shortner Etc.

4. Make money by creating Facebook page (Facebook Page)

If you have a Facebook page created। To which many views of the deli come, then you make money from Facebook page every month Can earn।

In fact, Ads is provided by the big vibrations on the Facebook page for the advertising of its product। For which companies give them very good money। No video or rills go viral on these pages quite easily।

To earn money from Facebook page, you have your own Facebook page। If you do not have a Facebook page, you can create a Facebook page by following the following steps-

  • First of all, open Facebook।
  • Now you press the icon of the profile।
  • You then select the option of “ page ”।
  • After this you click on “create”।
  • After this you click on Get Started again and write the name of your Facebook page।
  • Now you have to upload your photo by selecting your Goal।
  • Finally you invite your friends।
  • This way you can create your Facebook page।

If you have money made Facebook page but you are unable to manage it, then you can earn money by benching them। Apart from this Facebook pages Ways to make money from is। like-

  • By publishing pad post on Facebook page
  • Facebook page ten
  • Facebook page benched
  • Bench your product with the help of Facebook page
  • Somehow by digital content or course

5. Put up Facebook Ads and make money

If you do a small – big business or business, you can increase your sales manifold and earn well by applying your product Ads on Facebook।

Facebook is a big social media platform, where lakho do users visit every day। Of which 32 more users than do is Indian।

If they see your ads, then your chances of selling the product increase significantly and if they like the product, they will also order। Jinhe can make good money by delivering।

Facebook ads Benefits of applying

  • Ad is easy on Facebook।
  • This will increase sales by many times।
  • This allows you to sell the product to your target customer।
  • Facebook can promote page।

6. Earned money by freelancing

There is no shortage of ways to earn money online in today’s time, but you should have merit for this। If you have any special Skills like Content Writing, Story Writing, Data Entry, Web Designing, App Developer, Logo Making, If there is photo editing or video editing, you can start freelancing on Facebook।

Actually, you will find many such groups easily on Facebook। Where you can work for them and make good money by telling the client about your Skills।

This way you can earn money from Facebook by benching your skill।

7. How to make money by marketing affiliate

 If you want to know about, then with the help of Facebook, you can earn up to one lakho rupees of Affiliate Marketing Tax।

In this, you have to promote the product of the company you have added to the affiliate program on your Facebook account। If a customer buys a product from your link then you get some commission from it।

However to market affiliate on Facebook group, first you have to create a Facebook group or account and join a good company that gives you a good commission and its Affiliate program।

8. Sponsership Se Paise Kamaye

if your Facebook account Remains and has a good eating audience on it, so you can earn well from sponsorship using that audience।

Actually sponsorship Many big brand or company people contact you themselves and offer you to promote your product।

All you have to do is share the product of that company on your Facebook account। For which you have to charge good money from that brand or company।

9. Earned money from Facebook by managing Facebook account (FB)

Actually today there are many people or celebrities who do not have time to run Facebook and manage Facebook account but they want to be active on Facebook।

So they hire a Facebook manager who manages their Facebook account, shares the activities related to them on Facebook and answers their fan’s questions। Apart from these, Facebook managers also have many other tasks to do।

If you can become a Facebook manager by managing someone’s Facebook account and Facebook manager gets a good salary every month which is decided during the interview।

10. URL shortner – facebook se paise kaise kamaye

So far we have known about how to make money from many Facebook but if you do not want to work too hard then you will make money by shorting the link from URL Shortner Can earn।

Why here you have to share the large URL link of a website by converting it into a small link using the URL Shortner website।

When someone clicks on your link, it is first shown some ed and then delivered to the main website। You also get money for this।

If you want to earn money from URL Shortner but you are not aware of URL Shortner Website, then we have been told about some URL Shortner website, Which you can use-

  • ShrtFly
  • Shorte.st
  • Za.gl
  • Shorte.st
  • Linkvertise

11. Made money from PPD Website

PPD its full form Pay per Download it happens। PPD is a website that gives you money to download a document or app।

That is, you can store your file, document, software or app on these websites and you can share its download link to your friends। If someone downloads that document, software or app from your link, you get money for it।

If you have a lot of followers on your Facebook account, then you can earn a good amount by sharing these Download Links on your Facebook group।

If you use the PPD website Making money from facebook If you want, you can use the following PPD website-

  • DollarUpload
  • Adscendmedia
  • UploadOcean
  • Up-load.io
  • ShareCash etc।

12. Facebook Se Paise Kamaye by PPC Site

PPC and PPD appear almost identical in hearing but these two are completely different। PPD has full form Pay per Download ie it gets money per download।

While PPC has full form Pay per Click। It gives you money for per click on the advertisement। You can earn well using the PPC website।

To earn money from the PPC website, you must have a own blog or website। After that you can apply to any PPC Website। After receiving the approval of the PPC website, you can place the advertisement on your blog or website।

if you Facebook Se Piase Kaise Kamaye If you want to know about this method then you can be beneficial for you।

Top of india PPC Network Websites

  • Google AdSense
  • Media.net
  • Infolinks
  • Monetag
  • Revcontent
  • Bidvertiser
  • ClickAdilla

Conclusion – How to make Facebook money

Facebook is a large and popular platform, which gives us plenty of opportunities to earn money online। I have mentioned 12 ways in this article that you can earn 1500 rupees or even more from Facebook every day।

Today we in this article Facebook Se Paise Kaise Kamaye Have to go into detail about। Stayed on our blog to learn about different ways of making similar online money।

FAQS – Facebook money 2024

Q1. What is Facebook Criteria?

To show Facebook Ads on your Facebook account, you have to Monetize your account। Facebook has fixed a Criteria for this। To monetize Yan’s Facebook account, you need 5000 followers and 6000 minutes of Watch Time।

Q2. How much money can be made from Facebook?

answer. As we have mentioned earlier, you can earn lakho rupees every month from different ways of making money from Facebook। Like – Facebook Paige, Affiliate Marketing, Facebook Aid etc।

Q3. How to monetize a Facebook page?

answer. Follow the following steps to monetize the Facebook page-
• Switch to your page’s Professional Account।
• Visit Facebook Monetization tool।
• After this, log in with your Facebook ID।
• Now apply for Monetization by selecting your page।
• Facebook Criteria must be completed for monetization।

Q4. What is the easiest way to earn money from Facebook?

answer. Facebook Reels is the easiest way to earn money from Facebook। In which you can earn Facebook Le Lakho rupees just by making rills।

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