What is GroMo App?How to make money from GroMo App – 2023

Friends, in today’s post, we are going to get information about how to earn money from GroMo App. Here we are going to get information about all the ways to make money from the GroMo App. How to download GroMo App? And how to create an account on the GroMo ? Apart from this, we are going to know a lot more information related to the GroMo App.

What is GroMo App ?

The GroMo App is a financial product selling app. In this app, you get to see the service of all the banks available in India and in this service you get facilities like stock market, loan app, credit app and savings account. This app does not sell the service of any bank or finance company, but it works to sell the service through someone else like us.

Apart from this, anyone who wants to earn money sitting at home, can also earn money by selling service from here. In addition to selling services and earning money in the GroMo, you also get some other features, such as courses, training and the opportunity to earn money in other ways.

Download GroMo App

First of all, download what is GroMo App from play store, there you see the GroMo logo and click.

Or you can also download it by clicking (Download Gromo App).

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Signup in GroMo App

Let’s know step by step the process of creating an account in the Gromo App.

First of all, open the GroMo App you have downloaded.

Now enter your current mobile number in your GroMo App, now you will get an OTP, enter it there and verify it.

Now you have to put your full name here. Keep in mind that the name should be the same as entered in your PAN card. Then enter the email.

After entering all the personal information, to get 250 rupees, you have to enter this referral code (MI956780).

After following so many steps, you will see the submit option, click on it and complete the process of creating your account.

How to add your bank account to the Gromo App?

Bank account is very important to get any kind of service in the Gromo or to earn money. If you add a visiting card before the bank account, then in return you get a scratch card and you get an amount of Rs 100 in that card.

After this, now it comes to how to add a bank account to the GroMo ?

  • To add a bank to the GroMo , click on the button on the menu on the left side and now you will see the option of visiting card there, click on it.
  • After that you have to put your name there and also upload the photo, after that click on Save.
  • Your visiting card will be created by the process mentioned above. After this, you will get a scratch card and in it you get up to 100 rupees as a bonus. You can withdraw the money received from the bonus instantly.
  • After creating the visiting card, you will see transfer to bank at the bottom, click on it and enter all your bank information such as IFSC code, account number, and PAN card number and click on submit.
  • After doing all this process, the amount received from the scratch card will be transferred to your bank account immediately and your bank account will also be linked.

How to earn money from GroMo?

To earn money from the Gromo App, you have to sell the financial products present on it, for this, first you have to create a link from the GroMo App, after which you have to share the link of that product to other people.

Earn money from GroMo by sharing link to open bank account

In the GroMo App, you get the option to open many bank accounts. You can create an account opening link of those banks and share it with another person. Whenever a person has to open his account in that bank through your link. So this gives you your earnings in a Gromo. How much will be earned by opening an account, you are already told in the GroMo App.

Earn money from GroMo by selling credit card

You can also earn money from Gromo by giving people their bank’s credit card in the GroMo App, in the Gromo you get an offer to issue many bank credit cards, you can create your referral link in it and share it with other people, after that whenever a person applies for his credit card from your refer links and if his credit card is approved. So in return, the GroMo App gives you more than 1000 rupees.

There are many options to earn money

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Now withdraw the money earned from Gromo to the bank.

  • To withdraw the money earned from the Gromo to your bank account, first of all you have to “open” the Gromo .
  • After this, you get the option of wallet on the top side, click on the wallet option to withdraw money from Gromo App.
  • After clicking on the wallet option, you will now get the option of “Transfer to Bank Account”, to withdraw money from the Gromo App, you will click on Transfer to Bank Account, after which the money earned from Gromo comes to your bank account within 7 days.

GroMo payment proof

Many people think that Gromo does not earn money. They also search GroMo App Payment Proof on Google. But I want to tell you that you can earn absolutely real money from the Gromo App” There is no hassle in it.

What is the minimum transfer limit in Gromo ?

The minimum transfer limit in the Gromo app is ₹ 25, that is, when you earn ₹ 25 from the Gromo, then you will be able to withdraw this money to your bank account.

Who is the founder of GroMo ?

The founders of Gromo company are “Ankit Khandelwal and Darpan Khurana”.

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