How to earn money from Honeygain 2023? What is Honeygain?

How to earn money from Honeygain 2023 Do you know what is Honeygain app and how to earn money from honey gain 2023 goes. In today’s time, inflation has increased so much in our country, that every person is in the process of earning some extra money.

Most of these people keep looking for ways to earn money online. Because after doing the job, a person has very little time left. That’s why people think of doing part-time business. Now in such a situation, it becomes a little difficult for people to get part-time business. If you also fall into the category of such people, then it does not matter. In this article, we are going to tell you about an app from which you can earn money online.

This application has been named Honey Gain. And the biggest feature of this application is that you have to create an account once on it. After this, a little money will be added to your account every day. Although you can not earn much money from this app, but if you work together for a month, you get some money. So let us also know, what is honeygain app and how to earn money from honeygain app.

What is Honeygain App, how to earn money from Honeygain 2023

Honeygain uses the remaining internet on your SIM card, and gives you money in return. Hogaygain sells a lot of people’s remaining internet every day and gives you some money in return. In just 1 month of the launch of this company, more than 1 million people joined this website. With this, you can easily guess the popularity of this website.

Most people in India get 1 to 2 GB of data daily. There are many people who can hardly spend 200 to 300 MB. In such a situation, all your data used to go waste. But now you can sell your remaining data by joining Honeygain.

Features of the Honeygain app

The biggest feature of this app is that you do not have to do any kind of hard work in it. Once you create an account, this app automatically sells your remaining data and your money is added to your account.

How to create an account on Honeygain App?..

So friends, now we have come to know that what is Honeygain app ? Now let’s learn how to create an account on Honeygain App, you just have to follow the steps mentioned by me.

  1. To create a Honeygain Account, first of all click on this
  2. After that a page will appear in front of you, click on Claim 5$ there.
  3. After that on the next page you have to enter your email ID. After that a new password has to be chosen.
  4. After that click on the Signup button.
  5. Your account will be created as soon as you click on Signup. Now you will see that 5$ has been added to your account. After this you will be asked to confirm the email ID.
  6. Now click on Confirm Email. You will receive an email in the name of Honeygain, where you will have to verify your email.
  7. Now a Dashboard will appear in front of you from where you have to install the Honeygain app. From here you can download the application for the three platforms. Android, iOS and Windows. Now click on the Android icon and download and install the application.

Download Honeygain

How to earn money from Honeygain App

  1. Install and Open the App as mentioned above.
  2. After that accept Honeygain Terms. If you want, you can also read the complete Terms and Conditions.
  3. After that the Introduction Page will open in front of you. If you want, you can see Introduction how Honeygain works or you can skip.
  4. After that you will be asked whether you want to use Mobile Data as well or only WiFi. So if you want to share mobile data then enable this option. You can also set the data limit here. So that more data is not spent than that.
  5. After that click on Allow usage on battery. After that click on Done. If you have Battery optimization in your phone, then you have to disable it. For this, click on Disable Battery optimization and click On Allow.
  6. After that you have to login. If you have not created an account, you can also create an account by clicking on Signup here. Login Here with your Email And Password.
  7. After login to the account, you will be told that you can increase your earning by installing this software for Windows or Mac as well.
  8. After that you will see that 5000Points have been added to your account, whose value is 5$. Assoon as your Amount becomes 20$, you can Withdraw that Amount In your Account through Paypal.
  9. Below you can see how much you have earned so far. And how much data has been used. Below that you can see the list of devices. If You want, you can increase your income by logging into your computer as well.
  10. After that you can Check Transaction history by clicking On More. After that you have to do nothing, and exit. This app will keep using your data in the background and your earning will continue.
  11. You will keep seeing the notification of this app from where you can see how much data has been used. If you complete your $ 20, then you will get The Withdraw Button from PayPal From where you can Withdraw in your account.

How does Honeygain work

You must be wondering why Honeygainpays you? So in simple words, let us tellyou that Honeygain is an applicationthat runs in the background on yourdevice. And takes advantage of the fullpotential of your unused Internetpackage by making your device agateway.

To earn money from Honeygain, only you have to install this app in your phone, only then your earning will start.

Now you must be thinking that why does it pay us, then the basic reason is that they need network connection which they do not have and they take internet connection from people and give the money in return.

After creating Honeygain Account here you get a bonus of 5$ and when you complete 20$ then you can Withdraw itin your account through Paypal. So let’s know how to create an account on Honeygain App ?

Frequently asked questions?

What is the current payout rate?


For Default network sharing:

  • You will earn 3 credits for 10MB of traffic that goes through you. So for 10GB, you’ll earn 3USD

For Content Delivery (if available in your region):

  • You will earn 6 credits for every hour Content Delivery is Active and running (not ‘In Queue’).

What is Lucky Pot

Lucky Pot is a game that is a part of the Honeygain experience and allows users to win up to 10 000  credits (which are worth $10) every day and reach the minimum payout threshold of $20 faster.  


Requirements for Lucky Pot

The rules of the Lucky Pot are as follows:

  • Only Active Users of Honeygain are eligible to participate in the Lucky Pot game. An Active User is any user who has generated 15 MB of Shared Traffic per day. Please note that Honeygain reserves the right to, at all times and in its sole discretion, determine whether a particular user is as an Active User eligible to participate in the Lucky Pot game.
  • Each Active User can only participate in the Lucky Pot game once in a single calendar day. Please note that if an Active User does not participate in the Lucky Pot game on a given day, their chance to participate is not transferred to the following day!

Achievements on Android and iOS devices

Unfortunately at the moment, the achievements feature is not enabled on the Android and iOS app versions. We are working to implement it as soon as possible.

For now, you can unlock the Achievements by opening the Honeygain Dashboard on your Android or iOS

devices using a web browser (like Google Chrome or Safari).


How to unlock achievements

The process of unlocking the achievements is very basic. To unlock them, you have to do the following:

  • Download the Honeygain app itself;
  • Install the app and run it;
  • Log in with your credentials;
  • Press “Unlock achievements” on the web dashboard.

If you are not a new user, simply having an active device in the last 14 days is sufficient to unlock the achievements. Simply go straight to the “Unlock achievements” button to open them.

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