The Truth Behind Electoral Bonds: A Closer Look at the Controversial Scheme 2024

๐Ÿ” Understanding Electoral Bonds

Today, a very important decision has been given by the Supreme Court. They have comprehensively striked down the electoral bond scheme. On 15th February 2022, the Supreme Court declared electoral bonds unconstitutional. Deleting the requirement of disclosing the particulars of contributions made to political parties is unconstitutional for the following reasons.

And as soon as this happened, all the opposition parties suddenly started bashing Modi and BJP. They said that the electoral bonds act that BJP passed in the parliament in 2018 was completely illegal and a big scam. In fact, this is a complete scam of many lies. Which is only benefiting BJP by thousands of crores which will give them an unfair advantage in the 2024 elections.

Now, the opposition has put many main allegations in this matter. Like, allegation number 1. Through BJP electoral bonds, they are stopping opposition funding. BJP has even frozen their accounts and now they don’t have money to fund their party workers so they will be able to compete in the elections in such a situation.

  • We don’t have money to pay the electricity bills.
  • We don’t have money to pay salaries to our employees.

But on the other hand, BJP alone has got 60% of the money donated in the electoral bonds scheme. And the remaining 40% is being combined by other parties. How unfair is that? Right?

Now, the second major allegation is that this electoral bonds act is a scam. Which scheme is actually a scheme of giving chanda and giving business. Meaning, the government is looting the tax of the common man from this scheme and is filling the pockets of the big billionaires. Give chanda and take business. This is the first, the biggest, the most important way. Give chanda and take business.

Now, let’s understand this with just one famous example. So, Navah Yuga Engineering had donated 55 crore rupees to BJP. In return, the government gave the Navah Yuga Engineering a contract to build the Uttarkashi tunnel. But, in turn, Navah Yuga did such a cheap job that the tunnel collapsed in just a few years. Now, rescue workers in India’s Uttarakhand sent in medicines to the over 40 people trapped in a collapsed road tunnel they were building.

Meaning, the BJP government is giving work to such incompetent companies with the money of taxpayers. They are providing tenders that are doing such low quality work. And they are being provided with tenders because they are donating money to BJP. Meaning, clearly, the politics of giving and giving has started here.

Now, the third main allegation is that through electoral bonds, BJP is increasing black money, i.e. black bazaari. And in return, it is running an extortion racket. Due to which, companies are being threatened that if they don’t donate money to BJP, then they will be charged with EDI or CBI. The second way is Hafta Vasooli. There are many such companies against which EDI, CBI and income tax have been left.

Now, to understand this better, let’s take a hypothetical example. Assume that Adani has given money to Congress. So, BJP can send central agencies like EDI or CBI and blackmail Adani to donate money to them. And opposition has a clear claim that BJP is doing this.

๐Ÿ›๏ธ The Government’s Perspective

But, we have talked about opposition claims till now. Now, on the other hand, the government is saying the opposite of this. According to the current government, after the arrival of the electoral bond scheme, black bazaari has suddenly stopped. Which was increasing in the electoral trust system of Congress earlier. We had brought a bond to end black bazaari. This bond is not black bazaari. Its balance sheet reflects that we have given a bond for the election.

Now, the second big counter that the current government is giving is that when this law was passed in the parliament in 2017, it was the only law in which all the opposition parties were united and no one rebelled against this law. In fact, this law was passed in the full majority. With everyone’s consent and approval.

But now, when the Supreme Court has passed this law, the Supreme Court has removed this law by saying it is unconstitutional. And they saw that the elections are approaching. So, all the parties have turned their back on this law. They have started to oppose this law. And even today, you must be seeing the situation. Everywhere, it is being covered that electoral bonds is the biggest fraud by the BJP government.

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โš–๏ธ The Truth Behind the Controversy

So, what is the truth? Is electoral bonds really the biggest scam till now? And what does it mean? That whoever we vote for, it is the government of any party, but the important decisions of the country are taken by the big businessmen. Our vote is valid only till we put ink in our fingers. Because as you saw, all the parties together, passed this electoral bonds scheme in the parliament. And at last, which side is the biggest fraud by the BJP or the opposition?

Well, today, we will discuss this same issue. Because elections are approaching in the country. And at such times, many fake media outlets, and nowadays, even some YouTubers, have suddenly got activated. And they manipulate data and facts to scare you.

In majority cases, whichever side you support, there are high chances that social media will push the same videos in front of you, which will back your perspective, so that you never see the perspective of the other side. But we have been trying from the beginning, to keep the perspectives of both sides in front of you. So that you can logically think and decide, whether electoral bonds are right or wrong.

Because after all, in today’s world full of social media and propaganda, every citizen of the country needs rational thinking. To bring rational thinking, you basically have to have both sides. And then, by considering the perspectives of both sides, and testing their facts, you can decide for yourself, what is right and what is wrong.

๐Ÿค” The Need for Rational Thinking

So, first of all, let’s clear the basics. What exactly are electoral bonds? And why were they brought? So, the major reason for bringing this act was, the electoral trust system. In 2012, the UPA government, had brought it to organize the election funding system.

Now, in this old system, donations were given in this way. Let’s say, a person, or a company, is a Congress supporter, who has to fund that party. So, first, he will make any XYZ trust. And then, he will deposit 1 crore rupees in it. The money, that trust will be given to Congress. And in most cases, not just one person or company, but a group of companies, would deposit in the same trust. But, in this system, there were two major problems.

The first problem, black money. In this system, the deposit of money, was also allowed in cash. And that’s why, most of the companies, were putting money in the trust. I mean, like in a temple. Because, the temple is a registered trust entity, once the money is deposited in the donation box, it will become white money. And the same was happening here, through this trust.

The second major problem was, no safety for donors. Now, because the trust is a legal entity, to show the donor’s record, and the pi-pi account, a balance sheet has to be maintained. And after filing an RTI, anyone could know, which donor, has funded which party. In short, the donor’s identity, was not anonymous. So, it could have been dangerous for him.

Now, to solve these two problems, in 2018, electoral bonds were passed in the parliament. Which, I repeat, was done with the consent of all parties. After which, this new system, replaced the old electoral trust system.

๐Ÿ’ฐ How Electoral Bonds Work

Now, let’s talk about, what are the actual electoral bonds? Well, electoral bonds are nothing but, a piece of paper, which looks like this. Now, how do we use it? Let’s understand it with an example.

So, you must have played games, in the game zones. So, imagine, you went to the game zone, and there, you paid, and bought some tickets. Then, you played air hockey, with some tickets, and some bowling with some tickets, and some bumper cars with some tickets. The same is true, with electoral bonds.

Just understand here, if you want to fund a party, then, first of all, you will go to the SBI branch. There, according to you, you can buy electoral bonds, from 1000 rupees to 1 crore rupees. And then, you can submit it, to the office of your favourite party. And then, that party has 15 days, to redeem that money. And in the same legal way, your money as a fund, will be legally, deposited in the official account of the party.

Now, with this simple new process, the problems that were created, in the old electoral trust system, were getting fixed. And that’s why, this scheme was introduced. Like the first problem, of donor’s safety. Now, the first transaction, that was happening through multiple trusts, will now be through SBI only. So, this means, now, any person, or opposition party, can file an RTI, and check the balance sheet of SBI, and can’t identify the donor. Now, the donor’s identity, will remain anonymous and safe.

And the second most important problem, of illegal money and transparency, was getting fixed in such a way, that the transaction, used to be done through any mode, like check, online cash, or gift, or even jewelry. It was changed, and only check and online transactions, were done. Meaning, from now on, no one can donate with cash. So, here, there was no option of making black white. And that’s why, this bill was passed in the parliament, and from 2018 to 2024, it went on for 6 years.

โš–๏ธ The Supreme Court’s Ruling

But then, in 2024, just before the elections, CPI Marxist Party, which is India’s Communist Party, that electoral bonds are illegal. Then, just a few days later, on 15th February, 2024, the Supreme Court, also declares electoral bonds, as unconstitutional. For only 2 reasons. First, violation of fundamental right to information. The funding sources of the parties, were not just the opposition, but the common people, were also not able to see it.

And that’s why, the Supreme Court, made the list of electoral bond funding, public, and made the fundamental rights of citizens, a part of the country, above any other political party. Second, quid pro quo concept. This French term means, something for something. That is, the politics of lending. The best example of this is, the Nava Yuga Engineering case, everyone does, politics, for a long time. Not just in our country, but, in the politics of other countries as well. If the fight is, in mud, then, everyone will have to, get down in mud.

So, the main question here is, in this complicated system, what can you do, as a voter, as a citizen? And, the answer is simple. You just have to ask, one question to yourself, that, which party, in this murky system, has developed, more? And, I won’t tell you this, you just have to search, find the data, study, and only then, vote for someone, who is more valuable to you. You have to observe, which party is in your area, and, after their arrival, what has developed, in your area, in terms of infrastructure, and policies as well.

๐Ÿ”Ž The Importance of Rational Thinking

Now, just think about it, how much the chances, of an anonymous funding, and black money, being pumped, increase? And, in the old law, at least, we had some data. In fact, even today, we were able to talk about that data, because we had, a record of political funding, of the past 3-4 years. But, now, which party, is getting how much money, from where, we have no idea. The black money, can be pumped, in India, which will increase, the number of illegal activities.

And now, according to me, understanding the seriousness, of this issue, instead of solving this issue, all the political parties, are blaming each other, for the black money. And, according to me, until, the people of this country, are not educated, and are not aware, of the truth, about these tactics, all these politicians, will keep manipulating us, according to their benefit.

So, this is the situation, as of now. This is the reality. Before the elections, we don’t have, any better system, than the electoral bond scheme. There is no calculation, of where the money is coming from. And, how much money is coming, and, is it black money, or white? With this, friends, hopefully, you have understood, how the political system, works, where the funding comes from, and, kind of, it can be said, that, in a way, the rich businessman, can influence, the world, his country, and is doing so.

And that’s why, even though, you are in this murky system, which political party, is doing good work, is doing good development, you have to find out, from your rational intellect. Narratives, are spread in all directions, and, many influencers, whom you, trust, are most likely, propagating, these narratives. So, be rational, think critical, and remember, the truth is not always, what is shown. Recently, a similar story, was played, with CAA, so many protests, both sides, started blaming each other, and, some celebrities, also, were blinded, who didn’t even, read the CAA’s C.A.

Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA): Understanding the Perspectives 2024

You read the act, I brought the act for you. I read the relevant sections. I read the relevant sections. I don’t want to discuss, details right now, and scream, on top of my voice. If everything was okay, why would some people, put me in this? Without reading, without understanding, just blindly, started opposing the CAA.

Now, to understand any topic, you always have to see, pro and anti views. Without that, just closing your eyes, and opposing, is not the solution, and not right at all.

So, now, what is this CAA, fundamentally, what was this new amendment, is it anti-Muslim, or anti-minority? I have explained it, in detail, in this video, in detail, which you can click, here, and watch. We have tried, not to pass any judgement. We have kept, perspectives of both sides, in front of you, facts in front of you, data in front of you, so that you can, take an informed decision. So, definitely, check out that video.

๐Ÿ‘ฅ Think Critically and Decide, Till then, be rational, think critically, and see you again.

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