Inside Vantara : Anant Mukesh Ambani’s 3000 acre animal rescue & rehabilitation centre 

Understanding the Ambani Family’s Vantara 

The Ambani Family: A Gujarati Legacy

The Ambani family is known for its Gujarati roots and their business acumen. However, one member of this Gujarati Ambani family, Anant Ambani, has created a sanctuary for animals with a service-oriented approach in Gujarat. He has invested millions of rupees in creating a vantara in Gujarat, where he believes in serving and caring for animals as a form of divine service. Anant sees animals as embodiments of various deities, with elephants representing Lord Ganesha and lions representing Goddess Durga.

For Anant, these animals are seen as the form of God, and he wants to serve them in that light. The vantara he has created is not just a shelter, but a home for these animals, where they are treated with care and respect.

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Anant Ambani’s Vision to vantara

Anant Ambani’s vision for the vanta is to provide a safe haven for wild animals in the green belt area of the Jamnagar refinery in Gujarat. Spread across 3000 acres, this sanctuary is dedicated to the rehabilitation and treatment of wild animals. A team of over 500 experts will be responsible for the care of 200 elephants, ensuring that they receive the necessary treatment and attention they require.

In addition to the elephants, a rescue and rehabilitation center is being built on 650 acres of land for other animals. This center will cater to injured or sick animals, providing them with the necessary care and treatment. Anant believes that understanding the pain and suffering of voiceless animals is a fundamental duty and strives to spread this message to the world through the vanta.

The Importance of Animal Welfare

Animals, even those who cannot speak, have a voice and feelings that should be acknowledged and understood. Anant’s vantara is a testament to his belief in serving and caring for all living beings, regardless of their ability to communicate. By creating a sanctuary for animals, he hopes to inspire others to treat animals with compassion and respect.

The rescue and rehabilitation center being developed alongside the vantara will further the cause of animal welfare by providing medical care and support to animals in need. Anant’s dedication to this cause highlights the importance of coexisting harmoniously with all creatures on Earth.

Challenges and Rewards of Animal Rescue

Rescuing and rehabilitating animals comes with its own set of challenges and rewards. While the work can be physically and emotionally demanding, the joy of seeing an animal recover and thrive makes it all worthwhile. Anant’s vantara is a testament to the rewards of animal rescue, where every life saved is a victory in itself.

By providing a safe environment for animals to heal and grow, Anant is not only serving the animals but also fostering a culture of compassion and empathy towards all living beings. His commitment to animal welfare serves as an inspiration for others to take action and make a difference in the lives of animals in need


In conclusion, Anant Ambani’s vantara is a symbol of compassion, dedication, and service towards animals. By creating a sanctuary for animals in Gujarat, he is not only preserving wildlife but also spreading a message of love and respect for all living beings. His vision and efforts towards animal welfare are commendable, and serve as a reminder of the importance of caring for and protecting our fellow creatures on this planet.

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