Online money earning website | Online Paisa kamane ki website In 2023

online money earning website | online money kamane ki website – Money speaks, you must have heard this dialogue in many of your movies and it is absolutely true that the one who has money gets every happiness and no one asks without money. Online money earning website online money kamane ki website .

agr app is a student or unemployed, you are roaming from here to there in search of money, if you are troubled in search of a job, then this post can be of use to you.

Earning money is easy but it is easy for the one who knows how to earn money and the one who does not know how to earn money always says that money does not grow on trees.

If you want to earn money online, then you should know how to use your intelligence along with some hard work.

I am earning online money since 2015 and I am telling you that I did not earn even ₹ 1 from online for 1 year and when I started earning money, after 1 year I have no shortage of money, I am fine I earn money online, I earn this much.

I had already told you in two-three posts that how you can earn online money from blogging , how you can earn online money from quora and how you can earn online moneye but on today’s post I will tell you how   you can earn money on some website. You can earn money even by working.

Online money earning website Online Paisa kamane ki website.

So on this post today, I am going to tell you the names of some of the best websites where you can earn money while sitting.

But let me tell you in advance that it is not going to be that easy, you will have to work hard, if you do not know how to work hard, then do not do your work because time will also be wasted and your net recharge will also be wasted.

You will have to work hard if you learn to work properly then you will start earning money immediately.

You will need some things to earn online money like WhatsApp will work if you have it, Telegram will also work and I will tell you separately for some time, if you work on it, you can withdraw from ₹ 100 to ₹ 1000 a day.

GETMEGA – Earn Money Website

GetMega  is an online real money gaming platform owned by Megashots Internet Pvt. Ltd. Owned and operated by The UI/UX of GetMega is user friendly and there are no bots or scams as there are 100% real and verified players. GetMega offers 100% money back on the first deposit using the coupon code LIST2ELQ . 

GetMega has 24*7 running leader board giving users a chance to win 10,00,000 INR every month. GetMega is the most trusted and secure platform in India to play online games and earn money. GetMega offers 1 minute withdrawal facility. Sources including Bank Transfer, PayTm, and UPI ( GPay, PhonePe, etc. ) are available at GetMega.

Chat support at GetMega has a time limit of 15 minutes. Itek Technology, Number General Certifier from Australia and All India Gaming Federation [AIGF] membership, makes it India’s safest. 

GetMega is India’s first RMG platform, in which users can play Rummy, players can video chat. You can play with your friends and family for real money, in a safe environment. GetMega’s Rummy offer has 12+ games apart from 3 major categories namely card games ( Poker and Rummy ) casual games ( carrom, pool, etc) trivia ( GK, 123, etc). 

Play Rummy at GetMega and get 100% Money Back on 1 Point Deposit. 

 Features :

  1. play cash games and 
  2. Hourly, daily, and weekly leaderboards 
  3. free entry leader board 
  4. AIGF and RNG certified 
  5. live chat support 
  6. 1 minute return 
  7. videochat support 
  8. buy for less than 1 rupee 
  9. Minimum deposit starts from Rs.10 

Unique Feature:

1 Play Rummy with friends and family over videochat

Earn money from Paybox website.

There is a great website where you can earn money by playing games, you can also do it on your own, when you just do the link I have given, then you will be directly transferred ₹ 50 to your account, after that you will get this phone paper from Paytm.

You can transfer, I am going to sleep with you even on my running, now I will show you how much I have earned so far and you can also earn in the same way, you just have to repair and play your games. Will have to work hard to collect people, if you are in any group then you can share there also, whenever someone will signup on it with this link, you will get money on it.

Earn money from PTC website.

This is also a great website, schools speak PTC, it means pay to click.

You do not need to work hard on this website, but it takes a lot of time, to earn online money from here, I will tell you what you have to do here, you will get a survey here, you have to complete it, they will show you some ads. Seeing that ad, you have to click and refer it, whenever someone comes, someone will sign up from that link, you will get some online money, it is easy to work, it will take time, if you have a lot of time, then you can do this work.

Some websites work on PTC modle online money .

The Best PTC website.

  • Clixsense (YSense).
  • Neobux
  • inboxdollars
  • Swagbucks
  • To install Prizerebel.
  • Paidverts.

If you want to know more about this, then you can comment and tell me, then I will share the detailed post about it with you.

Paisa (

If you want to earn fast online money without investing a single penny, then this website gives you this opportunity. You will get Rs 99 as soon as you create an account in Paisa Live. By telling about this to your 10 friends, you will get 10 rupees immediately even after making their account. After first 10 friends you will get 2 rupees on every friend. You will get 25 paise to 5 rupees for reading mail in inbox. The website makes payment by check once in 15 days.

Cash for (

You can also earn online money through this website. When you become a Gold member of the website, you are paid in less than 72 hours. You can earn money by reading emails, through surveys, through cash offers, by playing online games and by making friends’ accounts. As soon as you sign in on the website, you get about 5 dollars i.e. 350 to 400 rupees.

There are other ways to earn money, there are many applications from the website which you can earn money like meesho’s referral, cashback and app like make money back.

Let me warn you, there are some websites and applications that will get you work done, but when the time comes to pay, they will not give you some excuse or the other, they will tell you that your balance is not there, you do not have KYC, Other reasons are to avoid these websites and remember, do not invest money on any website or app, 99% are fake, will keep the money and will not give it back to you.

Can’t remember the name but in that app it was said that if you put thousand rupees, it will give you 10 times in 3 days, that means 10 times of 3000 is ₹ 30000.

People always take wrong steps after seeing easy money, this is what happens, so money cannot be earned easily, it will take hard work, so if someone tells you such a scheme, then stay away or complain, do not spend your money unnecessarily. Everything is very risky.

That’s all in today’s post, but if you want information about some other brother-in-law, comment me, I will share the detailed post about that with you. If you like this post, then share it with your friends. Thank you for reading the whole po

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