How to earn money online sitting at home in 2023

online paise kaise kamaye how to earn money online sitting at home, how to earn money online on this blog post of today I will tell you how you can earn money online sitting at home. I have been watching for a long time, many websites and apps have come

Many websites and apps claim that if you invest ₹ 100, they will give you ₹ 5000, then you will not save anything from these apps, it will take money from you and you will not get anything, there are many ways you can earn money. This company can earn in every way but you cannot earn, no one will give you money for free, you have to work hard.

I started my blogging in the year 2015, since then till date I have earned around 10 to 2000000 rupees from Google Adsense. With so much experience, I can tell one thing that you can earn money online easily but you need to work hard and you need to be patient and these two things are within you, then you can also earn money by keeping it well. can you

It is a very good time to earn money online, now I am seeing that since the lock down, many companies are firing their employees and people are unemployed, so there is such a way online, now you can stand on your own feet. You can easily earn ₹ 500- ₹ 600 per day or ₹ 30000 to ₹ 40000 per month because I am earning, I know that you can also earn but you cannot earn immediately, you will have to wait three to four months, then your earning will start

How to earn money online

There are many ways to earn money online, I will tell you only five ways which are right and I will tell you the way I earn.

By earning money online, you will become independent, you will be recognized among people, you will be respected, a little shortage of money will be removed and now you can earn money by following this way, whether you are a student, working, or sitting at home.

So these are 4 ways by which you can earn online

online paise kaise kamaye How to earn money online while sitting at home.

How to earn money online from GETMEGA

GetMega  is an online real money gaming platform owned by Megashots Internet Pvt. Ltd. Owned and operated by The UI/UX of GetMega is user friendly and there are no bots or scams as there are 100% real and verified players. GetMega offers 100% money back on the first deposit using the coupon code LIST2ELQ .

GetMega has 24*7 running leader board giving users a chance to win 10,00,000 INR every month. GetMega is the most trusted and secure platform in India to play online games and earn money. GetMega offers 1 minute withdrawal facility. Sources including Bank Transfer, PayTm, and UPI ( GPay, PhonePe, etc. ) are available at GetMega.

Chat support at GetMega has a time limit of 15 minutes. Itek Technology, Number General Certifier from Australia and All India Gaming Federation [AIGF] membership, makes it India’s safest. 

GetMega is India’s first RMG platform, in which users can play Rummy, players can video chat. You can play with your friends and family for real money, in a safe environment. GetMega’s Rummy offer has 12+ games apart from 3 major categories namely card games ( Poker and Rummy ) casual games ( carrom, pool, etc) trivia ( GK, 123, etc). 

Play Rummy at GetMega and get 100% Money Back on 1 Point Deposit. 

Coupon Code: LIST2ELQ

 Features :

  1. play cash games and 
  2. Hourly, daily, and weekly leaderboards 
  3. free entry leader board 
  4. AIGF and RNG certified 
  5. live chat support 
  6. 1 minute return 
  7. videochat support 
  8. buy for less than 1 rupee 
  9. Minimum deposit starts from Rs.10 

Unique Feature:

1 Play Rummy with friends and family over videochat

Youtube – How to earn money online

How to earn money online

YouTube has the highest traffic on today’s date. Millions of people are making millions of rupees a month by making videos on YouTube. You should also earn money by making videos on YouTube. To earn money on YouTube, you must have a laptop, internet and a camera. You can also do it from mobile, just keep uploading videos of what you like, keep collecting subscribers, then your earning will start like you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time, after that your income will start coming. Will go and it is easy to get success on YouTube quickly on blogging because I have seen many people starting in lakhs after 2 months, this does not happen in blogging.

Blogging – How to earn money online

How to earn money online

You can also earn a lot of money from blogging, but you will have to work hard in blogging, it is not so easy to earn money by blogging, in 2010 or 2012 it used to be easy to earn money from blogging because then the competition was less, but now people are blogging more. Millions of websites are made every day, its competition becomes very high in blogging,

If you want success in this, then you need to have a lot of patience along with hard work on blogging, because there is more competition in blogging, now anything niche Pick up and want to block on any niche, there will already be competition in it, its content will already be available, that is why it is difficult to earn money from blogging, but it is not that you cannot earn money from blogging, you can earn money in a way, but with hard work. a lot of things you should come with

And if you compare blogging and youtube you will get success quickly on youtube but not on blogging because blogging is already competition but if you do blogging then now you will write many skills like digital marketing search engine optimization in digital marketing then social media marketing How to make backlinks, how to write content, all this will also be very useful for you in future.

When you will compare blogging and YouTube, you will earn less money on YouTube in comparison to blogging because on blogging you will get more money, clicks you get, you will get more on blogging than Adsense, if you have thousand views on blogging, then you will get 3-4 dollars. You will get and if you get thousands of views on YouTube, you will get only $ 1 maximum.

Fiverr – How to earn money online

How to earn money online

You must have heard the name of fiverr before, you can sell your skills in fiverr, whatever you have, like web designing, Facebook marketing, email marketing, Twitter marketing or your skill in photoshop, you can sell all these skills on fiverr.

In fiverr I worked only for two-three months and I earned around ₹ 30 to ₹ 40000 when I can do it you can also do it in fiverr I made website designing backlinks photoshop did some editing so by doing all this I earned around 20 Took 15 orders from this border and earned 35 to 40000 rupees from this border and many more orders have been sung and have to be completed and given, then the income becomes very good, as much income as 9 to 5 job, he gets more income than fiverr Is

Affiliate Marketing – How to earn money online

How to earn money online

You can earn a lot of income from affiliate marketing. When I started blogging, I used to do mobile reviews, I used to give affiliate links, whoever bought from that link, I used to get commission on them. You can use both Amazon and Flipkart. My income is very good from Philateles. I will post detailed about how you can earn from affiliate.

I tell you only four things that how you can earn money online sitting at home, there are other ways like you can earn from Telegram, you can earn from Facebook and you can earn by email marketing, there are many ways, all the ways are not original. And in all those lakhs only 10 people can earn like that and what I have told you that if every person works hard then he will get income and money is bound to be received.

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Question: How can I make money online?

Answer: There are many ways to make money online. Some popular methods include freelancing, starting a blog, affiliate marketing, and selling products or services.

Question: What are some legitimate ways to make money online?

Answer: There are many legitimate ways to make money online. Some of the most popular methods include:

  • Freelancing: Find work online as a freelancer, such as writing, editing, or web design.
  • Starting a blog: Create a blog and monetize it through advertising, affiliate marketing, or selling products or services.
  • Affiliate marketing: Promote other people’s products or services online and earn a commission for each sale you generate.
  • Selling products or services: Create and sell your own products or services online.

Question: How much money can I make online?

Answer: The amount of money you can make online depends on how much work you put in and how successful you are. Some people can make a full-time income online, while others only make a few extra dollars each month.

Question: What are some scams to avoid when making money online?

Answer: There are many scams out there that promise to make you easy money online. Be wary of any opportunity that seems too good to be true. Some common scams to avoid include:

  • Work-from-home scams: These scams promise you a high-paying job that you can do from home, but they will actually require you to pay a fee upfront.
  • Investment scams: These scams promise you high returns on your investment, but they are actually just a way for the scammer to take your money.
  • Pyramid schemes: These scams involve recruiting other people into the scheme and paying you a commission for each person you recruit. However, the only way to make money in a pyramid scheme is to recruit more people, and eventually the scheme will collapse.

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