How to earn money in village life, ideas to earn 1000 rupees daily

How to earn money in village: Friends, today’s article is about how to earn money in village . Although there are many ways to earn money in the village, which is difficult to describe completely in a few words, still we have told about both online and offline methods for you.

This article is for those people who live in villages or want to earn money by going to villages or want to get information about ways to earn money from villages. In this article we have told about almost all types of ways to earn money in the village .

By using the ideas mentioned in this article, you can easily earn Rs 1000 per day by living in a village. Come on, now let me tell you how to earn money in Ganv?


How to earn money in village 2024 (Ganv Me Paise Kaise Kamaye)

People who live in villages or their relatives often think that there is nothing to work in the village. Only farming and animal husbandry can be done in the village, that’s all. But it is not so, we will tell you many other ways to earn money apart from farming. As-

  1. dairy farm
  2. flour mill business
  3. transporting business
  4. E-Mitra Shop
  5. poultry farming
  6. Bee keeping
  7. blogging
  8. Youtube video
  9. incense stick business
  10. Achar – papad business etc.

You can earn money by working in almost all the ways mentioned in this article. There are some village methods by which you can earn money sitting at home. Today we will talk about these methods.

way to earn money in village

Although there are very few means of earning money through basic methods in the villages, but there are some money earning ideas in the city, through which you can earn money in the village also. In this article we have tried to tell about village roots and new methods.

By the methods mentioned here, illiterate and educated people can earn money by doing any work. Now let us start this article without any delay and know how to earn money in Ganv .

1. By farming

Farming is the basic way of earning money in the village. But these traditional methods of farming involve losses and difficulties. But if you go organic then your losses and excessive hard work can be reduced. Going organic increases your productivity and does not harm your crops and land.

There is a high demand for these organic fruits and vegetables in cities. Besides, the government also provides you assistance in this.

Apart from this, you should produce only those fruits, vegetables and grains which are in high demand in the market. In this way you can earn good money by doing well-planned farming. The most popular way to earn money is to earn money.

2. By working in MNREGA

MNREGA is a good way to earn money in villages. Often people in villages become free after sowing the crops and have no work. In such a situation, those people could earn their living by working 6 hours a day for 100 days under MNREGA.

You can work for 100 days in MNREGA and if you are educated or know how to drive a vehicle, then you can work in accounting and transportation of goods in MNREGA.

3. By opening a fertilizer and seed shop

Farming is mainly done in the village, for which seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and other farming equipment and machines are required. You can open a shop of fertilizer and seeds for farming in the village.

You earn good profits from this, because almost all the farmers of the village will buy seeds, thatch and other equipment from you. This is a good way to earn money in the village, it does not require much education.

Apart from this, you can also earn money by repairing farming equipment.

4. By opening a dairy farm

You can open your own dairy, in which you can buy milk from all the houses in the village and make milk products or you can earn money by taking this milk from the village to the cities and selling it at a good price.

You can earn more profit by selling ghee, butter, buttermilk etc. from milk in villages and cities. Dairy farm is a profitable business idea for how to earn money in village .

5. By doing transportation work

Crops are harvested 2 to 3 times every year in the village. Transport is required to transport these crops from village to city and other places. You can do the work of transporting crops from village to city.

There are very few vehicles and buses in the village, in such a situation you can open a small transportation company and work on transporting people and goods from the village to the city.

6. By buying and selling grains

If you have money and want to do business, then you can buy crops and grains from your village people at wholesale prices and then sell them in cities at good prices.

Business of buying and selling of grains is a very good way of earning money in the village .

7. Earn money by becoming the village head

You must have seen the house of your chief and sarpanch. If you are quite popular in the village and people agree with you, then you can contest elections for village head or sarpanch.

By becoming the village head you can develop the village and yourself too. You can do social and economic development of the village, so that later you too will not have to go out to earn money.

8. By making incense sticks

You can start the business of making incense sticks. There is no need to make any big investment for this. Nowadays incense sticks are also being made from cow dung which is quite popular.

You can make incense sticks and sell them at wholesale rates in villages and cities.

9. By doing sewing work

How can women earn money sitting at home? If you are thinking like this, then sewing work in the village is a good means of earning money for women. Sewing work has been a major work of women.

Its women can also earn money by doing embroidery work sitting at home. As you know, there is a ban on the use of plastic bags in cities. In such a situation, you can make cloth bags and sell them in cities at a good rate.

10. By doing broom making business

Broom is generally made from a special grass. Let me tell you that in cities the price of a broom is Rs 100 to Rs 200, but it costs only Rs 10 to 20 to make it.

If you make brooms from these special grasses in the village and sell them in the cities, then you can earn good income along with providing employment to hundreds of people in your village.

11. By installing flour mill

In many villages, grains are grown, but there is no shop or means for grinding them. In such a situation, if you want to open a shop in the village then you can start flour mill business.

Before opening a flour mill shop, determine whether there is an industrial light line in your village or not. To earn money in villages , flour mill business is a very good business.

12. By opening a medical store

Due to lack of medical store or medical facilities in the village, many villagers come from far away places to the city for treatment. If you want to earn money by opening a medical store in your village, then for this you will have to do medical pharmacy.

After this, after getting the medical certificate, you can earn money by opening a general medical store in your village.

Apart from this, if you do a veterinary degree, you are given the same respect as a doctor in the village. By doing a veterinary course, you can become a veterinarian and treat animals.

13. By opening e-Mitra

Village people often have to go out to get work done online and apply for government schemes. In such a situation, if you are interested in using e-Mitra, then you can set up an e-Mitra shop in your village.

You can earn money by providing light, water and other e-mitra facilities in the village. Apart from this, you can also earn money by doing money transfer work.

14. By recharging the mobile

Nowadays, apart from cities, people of villages also have smart phones. In such a situation, you can open your mobile recharge shop in the village. Apart from recharging the mobile, you can do the work of mobile repairing, mobile cover, glass installation.

With mobile recharge, you can earn money by doing money transfer and recharging of light-water bill, Dish TV.

15. Opening a tea shop

Tea is drunk in every part of India. If you know how to make tea, then you can open a tea stall in the busiest areas of the village like market, Panchayat Samiti or around the hospital.

Along with selling tea, you can earn extra by selling other grocery items like water, betel nuts, namkeen, biscuits etc.

16. Opening a poultry farm

The village environment is a suitable area for the habitat of animals and birds. If you are thinking of doing any business in the village then you can do poultry farming. You can sell eggs and meat in cities by rearing poultry.

You can expand the poultry farming business to a great extent and can earn lakhs of rupees. Because the demand for poultry farming business is very high everywhere in villages and cities. Poultry farming is a very profitable business idea for people to earn money .

17. By beekeeping

Beekeeping is also a good business to earn money in the village. Beekeeping increases crop productivity. If you have good experience about beekeeping then you can start it in the village.

You can do business of honey and wax through beekeeping and earn good income by living in the village.

18. By supplying water

There are many villages where there is no clean and sweet drinking water. In such a situation, the work of supplying water to the village and surrounding areas can be done. Apart from this, you can earn money by providing clean water to people’s homes.

19. By opening coaching

There are often government schools in villages, where no special attention is paid to the education of children. In such a situation, if you are fond of teaching, then you can earn money by giving coaching to the children of your village and surrounding areas.

Apart from doing coaching at home in the village, you can also do teaching work in any private school of the village. If you are wondering how to earn money in the village , then coaching center is a good idea.

20. By doing photo editing work

You can earn money by doing photo editing and video editing while living in the village. You can do photo editing work in the village itself by learning the work of photo editing from the city or online from YouTube.

You can get the work of photo and video editing from any freelancer platform or by contacting people directly. In this way you can earn money by editing photos and videos even in the village.

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21. By selling photos

If you want to earn money from your mobile in the village, you can take beautiful photos of your village and sell them on various photo selling websites. There are many such websites from where you can earn money by taking beautiful photos of village natural scenes, animals, birds etc.

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Following are the websites which earn money by selling photos-

  • Shutterstock
  • Clashot
  • Dreamstime
  • Alamy
  • stocksy
  • 500px

22. By doing affiliate marketing

You can earn money by doing affiliate marketing while living in the village. In this, on many e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart, people are given commission on the sale of their products.

For this, first of all you have to join the affiliate program of any e-commerce platform. After this, you have to send the link of any of their products to the people through your social media.

The more people buy the product from the link shared by you, the more profit you get. Some famous affiliate programs-

  • Amazon Associates
  • Flipkart
  • eBay Partner Network
  • PartnerStack
  • CJ Affiliate

23. Via YouTube

YouTube is a very good way to earn money in the village. There are many YouTubers who are residents of villages and are earning lakhs of rupees today. If you have any skill or experience, you can attract people towards you.

You can create your own channel on YouTube and upload your videos. If you regularly upload high quality videos on your channel and after completing 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers on your channel, your channel will be monetized, from which you can earn money.

24. By freelancing

Freelancing is a good way to earn money online. But to earn money from this, you should have some experience like web development, blogging, editing, content writing, copyright etc.

If you have any skill then you can go to any freelancing website and create your account and earn money by taking work. Some freelancing websites are as follows-

  • upwork lnc
  • Fiverr
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Freelancer..

25. By content writing

You can earn money by doing content writing work in the village. For this you should have knowledge about a particular area. Apart from this, your typing speed should be good. You can earn Rs 400 to Rs 600 per day by content writing in Hindi.

Apart from this, if you do content writing work in English language then you can earn double this. You can take up the work of content writing on a freelancing website or by directly contacting a client.

Conclusion (How to earn money in village)

Friends, today we learned in this article how money can be earned in the village. In this article, a total of 25 ways of earning money in the village have been mentioned. In which we have talked about both online and offline methods.

If you also live in a village or any of your relatives or friends live in it, then share this article with them so that they can earn good money by living in the village. We hope you liked our article.

How to earn money living in village- FAQs

Friends, till now we have learned about a total of 25 ways of earning money in the village. Let us now read the important questions related to earning money from the village.

Question 1. How to earn money while staying at home in the village?

Answer: You can earn money online by staying at home in the village. In these online ways, you can earn money by blogging, content writing, photo and video editing, affiliate marketing. For more information about these ideas you can read this article.

Question 2. How do village women earn money sitting at home?

Answer: Village women can earn money by doing sewing work sitting at home. In this article we have told how women in villages can earn money by doing sewing work.

Question 3. Which is the best way to earn money in the village?

Answer: Well, the best way to earn money is to earn money online, through which you can earn any amount of money. Apart from this, the best way to earn money in the village is to work in a medical store or as a veterinarian. With this you earn the most money in the village.

Question 4. How to earn money by doing business in the village?

Answer: There are many such businesses which you can start in the village and earn money. If you want to start a business in the village, then you can start the following businesses in the village –
incense sticks business,
wholesale business of fruits, vegetables and grains etc.

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