How to earn money by Anar Business App in 2023

Today we will tell you with the help of this article that what is Anar Business App and complete information about Anar Business App to use it.

Along with this, we will give you answers to more questions related to Anar Business App.

What is Anar Business App

Anar App is a business network enhancing App, with the help of which you can buy and sell products in bulk through Online Platform by connecting Directly with any Retailers, Resellers, Wholesalers, Distributors, Manufacturers, Factories etc.On this App, you can create Website, Profile Show, Cased Visiting Card etc. for your business and share it on many Social Media Platforms like: Whatsapp Business, IndiaMart, Udaan, Trade-India, JustDial, Bikayi, Facebook Marketplace, JD Mart etc. Are.There have been more than 10 lakh downloads of this App.

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Benefits of Anar Business App

  1. In this App, once you create account for free for the duration of lifetime.
  2. ItIt gives the facility to manage for both App Owner and Staff Members.
  3. It is very easy to update this App on the basis of daily orders.
  4. This app also gives you the facility to create a free website for your business.
  5. This App is very beneficial in saving your Traveling Costs.
  6. Due to this App being online, many of your Transactions are done immediately.
  7. By using this App, Catalogues/Brochures, Invoices, etc., which are used on a daily basis, are saved, along with this, you also get the security of their loss/end/destruction.

How to download and login Anar Business App

Anar Business App Download

Click upper link to download

  1. First of all select Language you open this App.
  2. Then a tutorial comes in front of you to tell about Anar App.
  3. You can also read it for 2 minutes, or you can ignore it and move on.
  4. After this, this App collects information related to your business from you. Such as Business Type, Business Name, Catelogue, Features etc.
  5. You can proceed by selecting Options according to your business and clicking on Next.
  6. After this, this App again shows a short tutorial to tell you further benefits.
  7. After this, this app asks you OTP for mobile number verification.
  8. After verifying this, your account is created here and you can login anytime now.

How to use Anar Business App

Before using an Anar App, you must have a business address, mobile number and GST number. If you have the documents mentioned above, you can register your business here and start working. After OTP verification, this app asks you for some permissions, which you have to allow. After this, you have to fill out the form related to your business and proceed. After filling all the information in this application, you can easily use it.

In this app, you also get to see the feature of a referral code. With this help, you can add your friends to this app on this platform. After this, a complete video comes in front of you which tells you in detail the information related to using the Anar App. After this, you can create websites, banners, etc. for free with the help of this app. This app has 5 sections:

  • Home:In this section, you are shown information about products, distributors, resellers, etc. according to your selected category.
  • Chat: In this section information about the sellers, distributors you’re talking to.
  • Products: In this section you can add, upload your products.
  • Orders: All the orders you have received in this section will be shown.
  • More: In this section, you will find options like your profile updates, language, followers, connections, reports, business groups, shortlists.
Anar Business App

How to earn money from Anar Business app?

To earn money from Anar App, you must first open a business. Even if you do not have a business, you can enjoy it by registering your local grocery store GST. After this, you have to create your account in this app or enter your business details. Such as GST number, information about products, services etc. After this, you can create your website, catalog, visiting card, etc. on this app. For this, you do not need any kind of pre-experience.

Through this app, you can shift your business to offline as well as online mode. After this, you can earn money by buying goods in bulk from the rest of the distributors, manufacturers, etc. available here and selling your products to small retailers, wholesalers. For more information about Anar App, you can also visit the official website of Anar App.

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