If you like sports, we have great knowledge of sports such as cricket, kabaddi and soccer. So, with the help of apps like Kubera Fantasy App, you can sit at home and earn a lot of rupees.And it is also true that many earn hundreds of rupees with the help of their knowledge of the sport. First, let us know what the Kubera Fantasy app is.

What Is Kubera Fantasy App?

Kubera Fantasy is an Android app based on Earning Money Sports. If you are sports savvy and keep up to date with sports related news. Here’s how to make money from home with the Kubera Fantasy app.

This app can be downloaded from the Kubera Fantasy official website. This app is available for Android phone users. This app was released in 2019.
Also, the app currently allows you to watch two sports. One is cricket and the other is kabaddi. If you are a cricket enthusiast, you can join the leagues on this app and earn hundreds of thousands sitting at home.

This or similar apps involve financial risk, so play at your own risk. Participation in such apps is recommended only if you understand the sport specified in the app (cricket, kabaddi).

Kubera Fantasy App

How To Create Account In Kubera Fantasy App

How do I create an ID on the Kubera Fantasy? Friends, you can easily create an account on Kubera Fantasy. Let us know about that.

  • Download the app (download link – www.kuberaFantas.com)
  • Once downloaded, open the Kubera Fantasy app. A login page will open in front of you with a login button below it near “not a member”. Click Sign In. In the next step you will need to provide your mobile number and verify your OTP.
  • In the next step, you will have to enter your profile details such as full name, email id, password and referral code.
  • After providing all these details, your account will be opened in the Kubera Fantasy app.
  • Note – If you provide your referral code when creating your account, you will receive the bonus as a gift of money. If you have a referral code, you can enter it, otherwise you can enter NEUTR2343084.

Kubera Fantasy App Joining Bonus

Every time you register a new account in the Kubera Fantasy app and enter your referral code (you can enter NEUTR2343084), you will get Rs.120 including Rs.20 in real money as an account opening participation bonus. This can be used to participate in any competition and receive 100 Rupees bonus money. Every time you enter a competition, you can use a certain percentage of bonus money at that time.

Kubera Fantasy App Features

The Kubera Fantasy offers many new features, including: B. – You can play 3 different modes in each competition in the app.

  1. Classic
    The Classic feature has two different modes. One is Normal and the other is Game Changer.
  2. usually
    The normal functionality of this app works like any other app. When it comes to cricket, like the rest of the app, you have to select 11 players to be your captain and vice-captain when you enter the competition.
    game changer
    It works just like a normal function. The only difference with the Game Changer feature is that you can change teams up to 30 minutes after the game starts.
  3. Duet
    You don’t have to form a team, but enter the Duos Fantasy Contest. Then the names of five players will be displayed in front of you, so you need to choose one of them. Only 2 people can participate. Both sides have to choose another player out of 5 players.
  4. Quint
    Here again the names of his 5 players are displayed like duo. The Quinto feature in the Kubera Fantasy app works like a deal.

How To Earn Money From Kubera Fantasy App?

To earn money with the Kubera Fantasy app, you must join the league specified within the app. It works just like any other fantasy app.

If you are familiar with the world of cricket and kabaddi sports, you can easily make money with the Kubera Fantasy app.

The Kubera Fantasy app offers many features not found in other fantasy apps. Similar – Classic, Duo and Quint modes.

Disclaimer – Kubera Fantasy involves financial risk so play the game carefully and at your own risk.

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Kubera Fantasy App Helpline Number

So far I have learned some important information such as Kubera Fantasy kya hai, Kubera Fantasy me account kaise banate hai.

It is also very important to know the Kubera Fantasy app helpline number. Here you will be provided with your Kubera helpline number and email ID. If you have any problems with the Kubera Fantasy app, you can ask for help or ask a question.

Kubera Fantasy Helpline Number – 8884454123

Kubera Fantasy Email ID – assist.kubera@gmail.com

Benefits Of Kubera Fantasy App

  • The Kubera Fantasy app offers many features not found in other apps. Please tell me the features of this app one by one.
  • It is very easy to create an account and KYC with this app.
  • Each game also has many other features you won’t get in other apps like Classic, Duo, Game Changer, Quinto.
  • When you add money to the Kubera Fantasy for the first time, you can use the coupon code to get 100% cashback.
  • This app also offers the opportunity to earn money with Refer and Earn. There are all sorts of competitions here, from small to large, that other players rarely win.


What is the Kubera Fantasy Customer Service Number?

Kubera Fantasy Helpline Number – 8884454123
Kubera Fantasy Email ID – assist.kubera@gmail.com

What is the minimum withdrawal amount on the Kubera Fantasy app?

200 rupees

Is the Kubera Fantasy app legit? The Kubera Fantasy app is legit. You can use this app in every corner of India except these few states. Telangana, Assam, Odisha, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Sikkim, Andhra Pradesh.
Kubera Fantasy app referral code
Applet 5037420

What are the membership benefits of the Kubera Fantasy app? Enter referral code NEUTR2343084 for ₹100

Disclaimer – The Kubera Fantasy app involves financial risk, so please play the game with caution and at your own risk.

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