What is Highrich? Highrich Business Plan | Full details of Highrich 2023

Highrich is a dynamic e-commerce site that offers a wide variety of authentic, high-quality goods at the lowest possible prices, from groceries to fashion to electronics and everything else. The brand selection is a combination of all brands available online and offline. It includes well-known and established brands as well as emerging brands of all shapes and sizes. High Rich guarantees the basic services you expect from any e-commerce site. H. Wide selection, punctual delivery, punctual customer care and always reliable service.

We go one step further and deliver our products at a price just above our production rate. In this era of uncontrollable price increases, Highrich is an attempt to creatively use technology to offer products at the lowest possible prices. This is largely made possible by its e-commerce platform and well-built, mutually beneficial business ecosystem. The system is designed to minimize the involvement of all parties between manufacturers and customers and to control prices. Our employees, on the other hand, guarantee the quality of all products featured on our online store.

High Rich works by connecting people. To acquire new customers, the company relies on traditional “word of mouth” marketing systems. Each of our customers has the privilege of saving on their purchases and earning on their connections. Considering our contribution to ecosystem conservation, we have established a system for sharing profits with customers, employees, and affiliated companies.

There is a saying, “The more you share, the more you get.” By using technology wisely, this wise old adage still holds true in an era of money-driven and fast-paced life.

What is Highrich?

Highrich is an online e-commerce platform. We are also an MLM company. Not only do they sell almost all daily necessities on their platform, but they also offer jobs to their customers.

The number of customers is increasing day by day on the Hi-Rich platform, where daily necessities can be purchased at very reasonable prices.

Highrich platform

In addition to Highrich’s e-commerce platform, there are also many local stores.

His online shop address is Highrich.in.
His web address to add to his MLM network is Highrich.net.

Highrich company profile

High rich says his company’s e-commerce website was created in 2019. Prathapan KD He is the founder of High Rich and he is the CEO of the company. He broke records by opening 125 e-commerce stores nationwide in just three years. Highrich is the director of SREENA PRATHAPAN and co-founder of the company. He claims the company is the world’s first multi-tiered commercial enterprise.

The company’s MLM site is Highrich.net, created in 2021. I will talk about his MLM plans later.

Highrich Company which is affiliated to High rich Online Shoppe Pvt. Ltd name is registered, all its certificates can be seen from the link below.

Download Highrich


Some grocery products from Highrich

  • WHEAT FLOUR (ATTA) ₨ 54.84
  • DRY KISMISS ₨ 10
  • PUTTU PODI ₨ 65.6
  • CORIANDER POWDER (malli podi) ₨ 166
  • ATTA (IODIZED SALT 1 KG FREE) ₨ 106.48
  • WHITE PUTTU PODI ₨ 74.64
  • THUVARA PARIPPU(1st) ₨ 103

Highrich Business Plan

As told earlier, Highrich has two types of websites. One is Online Shoppe website Highrich.in and the other website for Marketing Wing is Highrich.net.

To earn money from Highrich, you need to know its Marketing Wing Business Plan. There is no charge for registration in the company’s network. However, joining the marketing department of the network costs 750 rupees. After joining the company, you will receive a gift from the company. You can also join the Income Plan using a redemption code of Rs 699. There are three types of income plans you can use to make money in your business.

  • first purchase income
  • income from self-purchase
  • repurchase income

first purchase income

In this plan, you will form a team in pairs. These plans are executed in 1.
1 binary system. The company gives you 100 percent of the BV as a commission, no matter who matches you in your downline. This income plan allows you to earn up to Rs. 5000 per day.

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income from self-purchase

The company’s self-purchase plan is very good and allows you to purchase items at a very low price. 10-20% discount on all products.

repurchase income

With this plan, you get an incentive per product when everyone you add to your downline buys back. Each level has a different incentive rate. 

levelIncentive Percentage (SI)

Suppose someone in your second downline purchases a product worth 500 rupees. In return, you will get 15% of 500 rupees or 75 rupees as an incentive.

Here are 3 ways to earn thousands of dollars a month on Highrich Network sites while working from home. Please let me know if it’s right for me to work for high rich. I will explain whether it is a fraud company or not. 

Hi Rich is not a fraud company. This company has been in the market for many years. In addition, he has over 125 local shops. And most importantly, all certificates of this company are available to everyone on their website. 

High Rich is a dynamic e-commerce site that offers a wide range of authentic, high-quality products. Hi Rich offers a wide range of products for all areas of life, from groceries and household items to appliances, appliances, clothing and personal care products. What sets High Rich apart from other brands is the availability of a wide variety of local, national and international brands at the lowest possible prices. H. At retail prices!

Developed by some of the brightest minds in the southern tip of the Indian subcontinent, High Rich strives to bring quality products at affordable prices to all segments of society. Hirich achieves this through the use of innovative approaches and technology. All of Hirich’s products are subject to rigorous quality testing by Hirich’s QA department before being published on the website.

How to buy with Highrich?


Only privileged customers can enjoy high-rich products and benefits. That said, one of the easiest things in the world to become a High Rich privileged customer is if you have the right contacts. High Riches value relationships more than anyone else. Therefore, to join High Rich, a current privileged customer must refer you by providing their personal High Rich ID number. You must use this ID number to select items for shipping from High Rich’s initial purchase pool.

That’s it!

You will receive your unique HR ID number as soon as you make your first purchase. Your key to millions of top quality products at the lowest prices!

We are having a sale every day!

Hi Rich is not only the largest online supermarket with the widest range of products and brands, but also offers the benefits of intelligent technology to its privileged customers. You can get it when you shop at High Rich. There are 4 ways to make money.

self-employed income

Save big when you buy!
The e-commerce platform allows manufacturers to sell directly through High Rich, eliminating the need for middleman activities and minimizing costs. Therefore, all of Hirich’s products are available at the lowest possible prices. H. At the dealer rate. It’s not magic!

On average, our privileged customers are able to save him over Rs 10 crore. $1,000 for his monthly household and grocery shopping. 12,000 yen a year is amazing. As far as fashion is concerned, the average shopper can save up to 13,000 rupees per year. For shopaholics, there are bigger perks than ever before.

What’s more, your products will be delivered to your door as easily as when you ordered them. 

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First purchase income

Privileged customers can share their referral ID to make it easier for co-workers to join High Her Rich. Everyone who registers with your referral ID will be given a fixed bonus of Rs. 200. The reward system is fully automated and follows a binary calculation system.

In the binary tree he has two branches.
left and right. Every time you help someone board by giving her ID number, that person is added to your left branch and then to your right branch. Rewards are calculated by “matching” the total amount earned from the left branch.

and right branch. Each branch earns points every time someone is added to the family tree. It could be you, or someone else in your family tree. Rewards are calculated and delivered to you at the end of each day. The smaller of the two bars is usually the first shopping income of the day. The remaining amount will be carried over to the next day.

A wealthy and privileged customer can earn at least 200 rupees per day up to a maximum of 5,000 rupees (fixed peak) for him on the first purchase alone.

To streamline the process and keep it healthy in all stages of growth, High Rich implemented his three mechanisms for maintaining the system.

The three pillars for sustaining initial purchase income are:

Daily high points

The above amount is Rs. The maximum initial purchase income that can be generated in a day is set to 5,000. When the total generated amount of each branch exceeds the peak, the remaining amount of each branch will match. The higher amount will be carried over to the next day at the branch.

for example:

Let’s say the left leg he won 7,000 BV and the right leg he won 6,000 BV.

At the end of the day, the customer will receive her 5,000 rupees (fixed cap points).


left and right

2000BV 1000BV

Matching subtracts the smaller of the two, Rs. 1000, from each side. as a result:

left and right

1000BV 0BV

So you will have 1000 rupees left over for the next day.

Fluctuation mechanism

To match the total First Purchase Income payment with the company’s income, High Rich follows a variant of the binary system called the Floating Binary System. If the amount to be distributed as compensation becomes higher than the income generated by the company, the turnover system he calculates the difference between the two amounts and deducts the same percentage from the income at all levels of the binary system.

For example if the company does not have Rs. Applying Rs 10,000 1 lak to the initial purchase income payment, our software will automatically calculate the ideal percentage of the amount deducted from the customer across all payment levels in order to normalize the variation .

Double cut system

High-efficiency technology developed by Highrich employs a double cut-off in the system to accommodate large fluctuations. To trigger the double cut-off mechanism, the system groups customers based on their daily first-time purchase income. For the amount needed to harmonize the system, a certain percentage of the income is taken from the highest paid group and distributed to all low-income earners. Subtract a small amount from the higher tier earnings, but leave the lower tier payouts intact 


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