What is 1xBet App and how to earn money from it? 1XBET 2023

Here is every bit of info there is on 1XBET.Since the beginning of its operations in 2007, the 1XBET bookmaker has experienced extraordinary growth.1XBET has grown into a sizable bookmaker from a market that tolerated a small rate.

This issue is about sports betting, therefore if you don’t know what the terms bet, bet types, instructions, express, live, and other bookmaker jargon mean, read on.How do I wager on a gambling website?- Check out our article now!

If you’re seeking for a winning football plan, check this article: Developing a Winning Football plan.

The website Pul-ishlash.ru does not promote gambling or other risky activities.The following piece is not intended to promote gambling; rather, it introduces you to a bookmaker.

Currently, Ratingbetworld has compiled a rating of all bookmakers, where 1XBET ranks first. 1XBET is also the most reliable bookmaker in Central Asia. You can keep your account in dollars, rubles and soup.

The most interesting thing is that you can withdraw money up to 1XBET with Uzcard. On a 5-point scale, 1XBET scored a record 4.92 points. What I mean by this is that you can place your bets on 1XBET without any fear. There is no need to talk about other bookmakers. Today we are only talking about 1XBET and getting up to 1 bonus.

In this article you will learn the following information:

Register on 1XBET

Click on the button below to register on 1XBET:

Register on 1XBET

You will be shown a registration window (if the site does not open, use this program). The site is displayed in Uzbek. If you want, you can change the language in the top right. There are 4 different ways to register on the site:

  • In 1 Click (Fastest) – V 1 Click
  • by phone number – po номеру телефона
  • by e-mail – po e-mail
  • Through social networks – Sotsialnye seti

We register via the easiest method – 1 click.

  • We choose what we need from countries
  • We show the account number in the soup. If you wish, you can open a ruble or dollar account.
  • In the Promo Code field, enter the promo code “LUCK”. do not forget! 1 ml. You must enter the same promo code to receive the amount bonus! Enter in quotes – “good luck”.

If they show us a captcha about 1xbet, we’ll do it. Click on the Register button and the following window will open:


This window will display your information (login and password). Do not forget them, click on the button with the up arrow –   click Save Image As to your phone or computer and download. This picture is not to be given or shown to anyone. Click on skip button, next window:


In this window you will be offered to deposit money into your account. It is not necessary to withdraw money immediately, you have the opportunity to withdraw later. Click on the Skip button.


In this window we will be asked to enter our phone number. It is explained in detail in this window why it is needed. Oil. Enter the number and wait for the SMS to arrive. Enter the code in the incoming SMS and confirm.


In the last window you will be asked to participate in bonuses and promotions. Even without thinking  I press the agree  button. Eventually, you’ll be able to get up to 1 soup bonus.


You will be sent to the main window. Too many buttons and texts here can confuse you. But believe me, very soon you will understand why they are needed. I have shown you the most important of them:

  1. line rate
  2. live bets
  3. money in your account. There may also be a field called Points. We’ll talk about them separately.
  4. Account replenishment button.
  5. There is a personal account – account withdrawal, affiliate program, personal data settings, pledge history and account settings.
  6. Site Settings.
  7. Time set.
  8. Language selection – All language information about 1xbet.
  9. Selected Betting Areas. If you want to place a bet it appears here.
  10. live chat. You can send any question on this chat and get it answered.

Top up your account at 1XBET and get up to 1 soup bonus

In order to receive the bonus, we first need to fill in information about ourselves. To do this, click on Personal account – Personal information.


You will be asked to enter an email. This will allow you to recover the location if you forget your password. Enter the e-mail and click on the E-mail button.


When we see this message, we’ll open our email. Go to the letter from 1XBET and  the Confirm by email  button.


This window indicates that you have correctly verified the email address. Then  the Personal Cabinet – Personal Information  button. we go down to this window


Edit them all  button and fill all the information. If you’re intimidated by this information, don’t worry at all. The reason 1XBET receives this information is to make sure that you have not previously created a 1XBET account, that you are not a fraud and that you are a genuine person. Fill in all the information (nickname for Skype and Chat is optional)  Press the Save Changes  button.

To receive other bonuses on 1xbet and to participate in promotions read this article – GET BONUS ON 1XBET

Withdraw money to account on 1XBET. About 1XBET

There are many options for replenishing an account. But I will teach you the least expensive and most useful method.

press fill  button


As you can see, there are many types of payment – Webmoney, QIWI, Bitcoin, Yandex, Payeer and others. The most convenient of them can be Uzcard and 1x Meni. But you may not be able to afford the rate of replenishment and the minimum withdrawal amount.

How to deposit money to 1XBET – the cheapest and most profitable option

In that case, we’ll do that. We register in Webmoney. If you do not have a WebMoney account, see this video –  Registration in the WebMoney electronic payment system . Then go to Google and contact “doverennyy prodavets” (trusted seller). It helps to replenish the account and can also provide information about 1xbet. Webmoney has 4 currencies, you can buy WMZ – Dollar. Then the losses are further reduced.

1xbetga pul tashlash

The good thing about this method is that you get your winnings deposited directly into your WebMoney wallet. And with this method you can throw a minimum of 9000 rubles. For example, the minimum amount through the uzcard method is 40 soups. So choose the method that suits you.

How to get one million sum bonus on 1xbet?

As soon as the money is received, it will be reflected in our account. i threw 25 rupees

get bonus on 1xbet

As you can see, I received 25000 and the same amount as a bonus – 50 soups in total. 000XBET offers a 100% bonus on the 1st deposit (up to 1 amount). For example, if you make a deposit of 1, you will get an additional bonus of 000 Soup. Of course it is better to throw more on the first throw, as the bonus will be higher. Use the money in the bonus account, not the money in the account, when he bets to withdraw the money, and 000 kf. Bet 1 time on less than the game.

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Bet on 1XBET. rate type. your first rate

First decide for yourself on which round you want to bet. 1xbet offers the following options:

  • Unity
  • Express
  • Live
  • line

In details section you can find different rates, odds, total and more.

Now you have the opportunity to bet on 1xbet. As an example of a line, consider:

Select Line from the main menu


The line is in the page:

  1. Play. For example, if you want to bet on football, you press the football button.
  2. game start time.
  3. Team Names. If tennis or a similar game is played, the names of the players will appear. Here the championships are shown in different groups, such as the Spanish Championship, France, Italy and other leagues.
  4. List of coefficients. The main window has 1, x, 2, 1x, 12, 2x, Total and Odds betting directions. If you need more routes, click on the team name. For example, let’s take a closer look at the game between Crystal Palace and Liverpool

You can bet on several directions in this window. For example, who will score the first goal, what will be the total in the 1st half, how many corners will there be, a goal in the 1st minute, and so on. In our case, the number of routes is 15.

How to bet on 1xbet?

Select the rate you like and it will appear in the Coupons window on the left. Any rate you have selected will appear in this window.


In the example in this picture, I have shown an example for express and unit rate. Express 22 kf. We got 5.05 kf in one. This window is very important window, so I will give more details about those coupons 1xbet. Let’s start at the top.

  • Sewing Cup. – Here are the rates you have collected so far and have not bet yet
  • open ice. – Here are the bets you have placed but have not finished yet
  • in 1 click – it is better not to enable this function
  • Save & Download – Save the Express packages you’ve collected
  • list of sports or games
  • Clear – Removes all games from the coupon
  • Collateral Type – There are various options. But if you don’t understand, better don’t touch
  • the last coefficient probably makes sense
  • Deposit amount – how much you want to bet here
  • Maximum bet size is the maximum amount you can bet
  • Potential Win: – Shows the amount of money you need to win based on the amount you bet. Let us take the example of 22 kf. Was. Thus, if we bet more than 10,000 on this express,  the possible winnings:  field shows us 220 sums
  • When the coefficient changes – it is better not to touch
  • Available Advances:- Don’t use it. Then you will regret
  • Promo Code:- If you have a promo code for the campaign, enter it here
  • Collateral betting – betting. Clicking on this button will deduct money from your account. Now you can watch the game in full swing.

Withdraw money from 1XBET

That’s what we did when we withdrew money from 1xbet. Personal account – Debating  button.


Now specify which electronic system you want to settle, specify the required amount and click “Confirm”. Whichever method you decide on, the look can be further enhanced by the type of shutter hinges used. If possible, withdraw money in the same direction in which you deposited the money.

What to do to win on 1XBET?

Making money on 1xbet and other bookmakers is not for everyone. Follow these rules to win on 1xbet:

  1. Don’t take risks on the team you are facing, develop your own strategy. We are writing a consultancy article on this.
  2. You understand betting on a game. If not here is a new product just for you! Start betting on famous championships and never miss betting on your favorite team.
  3. Analyze well before future games.
  4. Know the odds on the line and bet on what works best for you. The odds on 1xbet are much higher than in other bookmakers.
  5. Control your emotions, if you lose give yourself a break, don’t bet you will get your money back immediately. Thoroughly analyzing your lost games and finding out where and how you made a mistake. I thought I would get back the money I get now.

If you follow these, you will earn 1xbet. In addition, we will soon offer you a strategy to become a professional on bookmakers and much more. Don’t stay away from us!

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