Teen Patti Real Pro App – Download | Min. Withdraw ₹ 50 | Per Invite ₹30

Introducing the captivating world of ‘Teen Patti Real Pro App’! Unlock a realm of excitement with an Instant Bonus of ₹30 for every friend you invite. Revel in numerous engaging programs and enjoy a standout feature valued at ₹200. Experience the thrill of 100% Free Cash – dive into the ultimate Teen Patti adventure today!

Teen Patti Real Pro App

In this, a very good program of Refer & Earn has been given, in which a bonus of ₹ 30 is available on each refer and live time commission of 33% is seen and 2% Affiliate program is also given in it.



About This App 

Teen Patti Real Pro is a very good and trusted application, inside which you get to see many different earning programs, in which you can play Teen Patti, Rummy, even you can play Dragon inside this application .  You get a chance to play games like vs Tiger, 7 Up Down and Ander Bahar ,

By which you will be able to earn. So if you also want to know all the programs of this app, then you can read this article completely, so that you will get to know about all the programs of this game.

How to Create Account in ‘TP Real Pro App’?

It is very easy to create an account inside it, for this you must have a working mobile number, from which you will get a bonus of ₹ 15. And with the recent new update , there has been a lot of improvement in the Refer program inside this application, with the help of which you can get a good amount even by inviting your friends –

  • First of all download the app from the download button given by us.
  • On opening the application, you have to click on Register on the home page,
  • In which you have to enter your mobile number, after setting the password, fill the OTP and register inside the app.
  • Now you have successfully registered inside this app , in which you will get a bonus of ₹ 15.

Sign-Up Bonus

Teen Patti Real Pro Daily Bonus

If you want to register inside this app, you need to know about register bonus inside this app, as soon as you register the app, you get instant ₹ 15 bonus. By playing in the application, you will be able to generate very good Earning, we have told above the process how to register in the app.

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How many games are there in ‘Teen Patti Real Pro App’?

If you guys want to know how many types are present in this application, then there are many games available in it, with the help of which you can earn very well, so you do not miss this app, there are many games in this app. We have given the following:-

  1. Teen Patti
  2. Sic Bo
  3. Joker Teen Patti
  4. Ak 47 Teen Patti
  5. Muflis Teen Patti
  6. Change Teen Patti
  7. Battle Teen Patti
  8. Fantasy Teen Patti
  9. Ander Bahar
  10. War Teen Patti
  11. dragon vs tiger
  12. Point Rummy
  13. 7 Up Down
  14. Pool Rummy

All the above songs are available in this application, you can earn by playing all these games.

What Is ‘Teen Patti Real Pro App’ Game?

If you do not know about this app, then it is a type of Online Gambling App , with the help of which you can earn online by playing games like Rummy , Teen Patti , Dragon VS Tiger , 7 Up Down very easily. And with this application, you can earn by sitting at home by Refer & Earn ,

In this, if you share with your friend, then you get an instant bonus of ₹ 30. Its program is not only this much, but also much more, read this article completely to get complete information. Rummy Wealth Mod App Download

Is ‘Teen Patti Real Pro App’ Save?

Now you would like to know whether this app is safe or not, then it is 100% Trusted & Save because we refer & earn money from this app and transfer it to your bank account by withdrawing it and 100% money from this application Received in my bank,

Knowing this, you must have come to know that this application is 100% verified and paid application, so do not miss this application at all, download this application quickly.

Daily Bonus Program in Teen Patti Real Pro App?

Friends, now let’s talk about the Daily Bonus program, so Daily Bonus is also given in it, so you can earn by claiming the Daily Bonus, which we have given below and click on the green Claim button to claim. You can also get it by doing this.

  • 1 Day = ₹1 Free Bonus
  • 2 Day = ₹ 2 Free Bonus
  • 3 Day = ₹ 3 Free Bonus
  • 4 Day = ₹4 Free Bonus
  • 5 Day = ₹5 Free Bonus
  • 6 Day = ₹6 Free Bonus
  • 7 Days = ₹7 Free Bonus

What is 100% Free Cash Program in Tp Real Pro App?

Teen Patti Win Pro App 100% Bonus

To get this program, first of all, you have to install and open the App and click on the Free button, in this you get a free bonus of Up-to ₹ 200, but you have to follow some rules, which are as follows Is.

  1. First of all invite a friend
  2. If Friend has joined from your link then Claim button will be highlighted.
  3. If you reach level 10 of this app and you start getting 33% commission then you will be able to claim this 200 bonus.

New Update: –   This above given program has just been removed after the latest update and apart from this, the program has been made even better on a lot of surprises, so you people go to Refer Reward to go to Refer Program.

How To Refer & Earn in ‘Tp Real Pro App’?

TP Win Pro Apk Refer & Earn

If you do not want to earn money by playing games, then Refer & Earn program is very best in this, with the help of which you can earn lakhs of rupees per month, many people are earning thousands of rupees per day by refer & earn from this application. Rummy Bindaas App is earning almost lakhs of money

If you also want to earn lakhs of rupees with the help of Refer & Earn from this app, then we have given the following programs, with the help of which you can also earn thousands of rupees daily.

  1. Reword Program: – Now let’s talk about Reword Program, it is mentioned that on ₹ 30 per invite, friends get ₹ 30 bonus on each referral, and 33% Recharge Commission is available if your friend has invited another person. , then you get to see their 30% Lifetime Affiliate. And if you add money to it, then you get 20% Extra Discount in it, with the help of which you can earn very well even by adding less money.
  2. Summary Program: –  It is given like a Menu inside Refer & Earn, in which you will be able to see the Summary of all your Referrals. In which you will get all the information about your Label and your Referral like – How many members are there in your account, how much they have recharged, how much bonus you have got, which you will also be able to claim through the given Claim buttons, take all this information from this Summary Menu. Can
  3. Friend Details: – Now you would like to know what is Friend Detail, then you can get complete information about how many friends you have invited in Friend Detail, not only that, you will also know how much you have earned from that Friend. And in this you will also be able to give a list of Affiliate Player, you can also get information about how much you have earned from Affiliate.

The company has now changed the Refer & Earn program inside this application, now you have come to see a very good program in it, which you people want to know, then definitely download and check this application and inside it you people You can use your new features and also get new types of bonuses.

How To Add Money In ‘Tp Real Pro App’

Teen Patti Win Pro Recharge Bonus

If you want to add your money inside this Teen Patti Real Pro, then you can easily add your money to this App, the best thing is that if you do any kind of Add Cash then that But you get extra bonus and the best thing is that you can also add minimum ₹ 10 which can be very good for many people because they want to add minimum amount of money and want to play the game. To add money, you can use the following very easy methods –

  1. First of all, you have to install and open the app.
  2. After that click on Get Chips,
  3. Then select your Amount as per your wish and click on Add chips.
  4. So you will have the option to select 5 different payment methods.
  5. Whichever medium you want to add payment, you have to select it.
  6. As I select UPI, you can select any one. And then click on Next Step,
  7. Then you will get the option to fill your Recharge Information, fill it,
  8. Then a QR Code option will appear in front of you for payment.
  9. By clicking on Pay, you have to pay by scanning the QR Code.
  10. And your amount will be added to your game account.

Add Money Bonus:- 

If you people do Add Money of any type of different amount inside this application, then there is a great opportunity for you to get additional bonus on it, then you people will know about the following program on Add Cash. You can get extra bonus –

  • Add ₹100 & Get 2% Extra = ₹102
  • Add ₹500 & Get 2% Extra = ₹510
  • Add ₹1,000 & Get 2% Extra = ₹1,030
  • Add ₹2,000 & Get 2% Extra = ₹2,060
  • Add ₹5,000 & Get 2% Extra = ₹5,200
  • Add ₹10,000 & Get 2% Extra = ₹10,500
  • Add ₹30,000 & Get 2% Extra = ₹31,800
  • Add ₹50,000 & Get 2% Extra = ₹53,500
  • Add ₹1,00,000 & Get 2% Extra = ₹1,08,000
  • Add ₹1,50,000 & Get 2% Extra = ₹1,65,000

Withdraw Program in Tp Real Pro App?

Teen Patti Win Pro App Payment Proof

If you want to withdraw your money inside this app i.e. video, then you can withdraw money very easily from this application, which is received in Under 5 minutes, you can earn at least ₹ from this application. Can also apply withdrawal up to 50 and

Maximum ₹ 10000 Withdraw can be done in one go, it takes 2% withdrawal charge, and its Withdrawal Time is “between 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM and from Monday to Friday” You can make your withdrawal on Sunday Do not place your withdrawal on the day of This program used to be inside this application earlier, but after the recent update, a very good program has been made inside this application, and now you can make withdrawals inside this application at any time and all withdrawals are very successful. are also received.

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How To Withdraw Money In ‘Teen Patti Real Pro App’

Now let’s talk about how you will be able to apply Withdraw from this application, then in the following way from which application you will be able to withdraw your money :-

  • First of all download and open the app
  • After coming to the home page, click on Chips Out
  • After that you have to confirm your bank details
  • Now select the money as per your wish and click on Withdraw
  • your manish will be successful
  • To check the record, click on Withdrawal Record
  • In this you will be able to see the details of your complete withdrawal

How To Download Tp ‘Real Pro App’

If you want to download this application then you can download this app from the following paragraphs. And if you download the application through this link of ours, then you are given a bonus of ₹ 15 and along with this you get to see a lot of amazing features, so do not delay, quickly download this application download the



If we talk about the conclusion of the app, then this application is very good, because I have been using this app for a few days and if I share my suggestion with you, then this app is quite right, you get a lot of features in it. , And especially this application is best for Refer & Earning, in which you get very fast withdrawal.Important Noties :- This game involves financial risk and can be addictive, so please play with this in mind!


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