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Download the Picasso app to instantly watch all movies for free. A huge list of movies is available where you can watch and download these movies. You can also watch the web series at the same time, and you can watch all the contents for free. Download it to your device if you want to watch it in your spare time. All you need is a strong and fastest internet connection to easily download everything. All conceivable details are listed below and the features of this app are also available. 

Application NamePicasso App
System RequirementsAndroid 4.3 and above
App VersionLatest Version
Total Downloads105+ Million
App size10 MB
All FeaturesAvailable
Last Updated01 Days Ago


Picasso Apk — Download 2023 Free | Picasso App

Picasso Apk is the best and newest app designed for all users who want to watch Free Movies, TV Series, TV Shows, TV Series and many more. Get this best app for your android device and it can help you to watch all the movies for free. All the shows are in HD resolution and you can start watching all the episodes of all these shows. Download this app for free on your device and we make it available to you for free. Use the latest version on your device to watch all movies for free. 

Picasso app

A Brief Introduction

Since the introduction of the film industry, many people have shown their interest in movies, and people’s interest has increased over time. Get all new and old movies using this app and you can watch them for free. Even all old movies are high quality if you have already downloaded Picasso Apk – Download on your mobile. All services are free and you can use simple interface to watch these movies. Use simple interface where you will get all the movies on your home screen. Never worry about space as it consumes very little storage space on your device and you can also download it on old Android hardware. 

History of Picasso App — Download 2023

Lots of streaming apps are available on the internet, but many of them are paid. Many users need to pay to watch movies, but many users don’t want to pay subscriptions. The trend of watching free movies is increasing and users are looking for an app to watch all the content for free. The developers decided to design an application where all users can start watching movies for free in high quality. Get this user-friendly app on your device where you can watch all movies for free and you can watch all movies from all paid streaming apps. 

Detailed Features of the Picasso App

Get in touch to read all the detailed features.

Get Free Movies

Use this app to watch movies for free and have a lot of movies. Start watching these movies easily and watch them without restriction. All the old and new movies are available and you can just search for them and you can also find them on the home screen. Explore the home screen to watch your favorite movies and you can also search for your favorite titles. Easily download your favorite movies and start watching them whenever you want. At the same time, you can also watch suggested movies for extra fun.  

Picasso app

Explore Your Favorite Series

Dramas are trending these days and have attracted the attention of many users. The user starts watching the series instead of the movie. Get all episodes of all these series and you can get them all for free. This app regularly updates and adds new movies and TV series. Get all these new movies and TV series for free and watch them all after their release date. 

Go To Categories

These movies and tv series are divided into different categories to make it easier for all users to find them. Find your favorite content in these categories and you can find them all for free. This easiest way has helped many users to find their favorite content. Go to your favorite category to find all movies easily as well as free.

Select Your Favorite Language

Some people are unable to understand different languages like Marathi, Gujarati, and many more. An option for subtitles is also available where you can select your favorite language to understand the entire content. Select these languages and start watching movies as well as tv serials. At the same time, reading the subtitle can help you to understand everything about these movies easily.

Well Managed

Everything is managed in the best way and all users can easily use the interface of this app. A simple interface helps many users and they can use the app easily. You will never need to go to Youtube for watching a tutorial. Just download it and all simple options are available on your home screen. Use these options and select movies or series according to your wish.

New Movies

Get all the latest as well as newly released movies in this app. Developers update it daily and add all new movies just after their official release. Watch these movies before all your friends and share them with them all. 

Post Your Review

All movies have a comment section where you can share your honest reviews. On the other hand, reading the reviews of other people can help you to watch movies or not. It can make it easier for all users and can also save them time.

HD Quality Movies and Shows

Movies and tv shows are available in high quality even if you are watching old movies. Watch all these movies without any restrictions and you can watch them whenever you want. No restrictions on time are available and you can watch them all at any time. All you need is a strong internet connection that can help you to watch these movies without any buffering problems.

Picasso app

Watch Your Favorite Content Offline

Sometimes, users want to save their data and want to watch movies offline in the absence of an internet connection. Download these movies on your device and you can start watching them all easily. Never have any problem downloading these movies and you can download as many movies as you want. Try to save your time using a strong internet connection and it will help you to download them faster.

Change Your Video Quality

Change your video quality if you are using a poor internet connection. Decreasing your video quality can help you to watch all the content easily to avoid all buffering and hanging problems. At the same time, you can easily increase the quality of your videos if you are using a good internet connection.


Trailers are also available for all movies where you can get the idea. In this way, decide whether to watch a movie or not. Save your time by watching trailers and you can also start watching the entire movie after watching trailers. At the same time, all movies and series are available with different subtitles. Select your preferred language from the subtitles and understand the entire movie easily. Picasso Apk Download has made it easier for all users to get entertained easily.

Huge Library (Picasso App)

Thousands of movies and series are available to watch and you can watch them all easily. This simple and small application can help you to watch all the movies for free and get entertained. Never pay anything for using the services of this app. Don’t be late and start watching your favorite content after downloading Picasso App on your device.

Picasso app


  • All movies are available in HD quality.
  • Get all web series in HD resolution and all their episodes are available to watch.
  • Different categories are available to watch and all movies are divided into different categories.
  • The home interface is very simple to use.
  • Contains very small sizes and can be downloaded on all Android devices easily.
  • The feature of downloading movies as well as series is also available.
  • The search bar is also available to find your favorite title and it will take a couple of seconds.


  • You may face a hanging problem once in a blue moon.
  • Can not be updated automatically and you have to do it manually.

How To Download and Install Picasso App?

The following steps can help you to download it on your Android device.

  • Go to the setting of your device and enable the mode of Unknown Sources.
  • Go to the download section available above to download the latest version.
  • Click on the download button and you will it on your device within seconds.
  • Install it after the completion of downloading.
  • Share it with your friends on Facebook and Instagram.

How To Update Picasso app

  • Get the updated version from the link available above.
  • Delete the previous version and click on the download button to get the latest version.
  • The updated Version contains new features and you must use them all.

Final Thoughts

Picasso Apk Download is the best option if you are interested in watching free movies. All these movies are available for free and you can start watching them whenever you want. Download these movies on your device if you want to watch them offline mode. Never worry about the subscription charges because all services are free. Users who are using this app have the best reviews for this app and you can watch all these movies and tv series for free. Enjoy watching your favorite as well as newly released content.


How To Download Picasso Apk?

The download procedure is available above and looks above to get all the ways to download it.

Is Picasso App free from viruses?

Yes, it is available free from a virus and you can easily download it to avoid all viruses.

Is Picasso Apk available to download for all Android versions?

Yes, it is tiny in size and you can install it easily on all Android devices.

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