OpenAI took a big decision: CEO Sam Altman fired, Who created ChatGPT! New CEO Mira Murati?

OpenAI company has fired its CEO Sam Altman and President Greg Brockman. 38-year-old Sam Altman came into limelight last year when he introduced AI-based chatbot ChatGPT to the world. Four people on the board are said to be involved in his ouster from the company.

Sam Altman tweeted

Former CEO Sam Altman tweeted that I loved the time I spent at Open AI. I have most enjoyed working with the talented people at the company. Resigning was a transformative decision. What will I do now, I will tell you later what will happen.

President Greg Brockman resigned after a few hours

President Greg Brockman

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPIT, has shown the door to its CEO Sam Altman. The company has also got the support of a big company like Microsoft. Along with this, the company also removed President Greg Brockman from the board. Brockman resigned after a few hours. He wrote in a post that he is proud of what we have built together since starting in his apartment eight years ago.

He wrote that based on today’s news he is leaving his post. I wish everyone the best. Let us tell you that 38 year old Sam Altman came into limelight last year when he introduced AI based chatbot ChatGPT to the world. Let us tell you who are the four people on the board who have shown Sam Altman the way out of the company.

These people are included

  1. Adam D’Angelo, CEO of website Quora
  2. Tasha McCauley, Assistant senior management scientist at the RAND Corporation
  3. Ilya Sutskever, now the only remaining co-founder on OpenAI’s board of directors
  4. Helen Toner, director of strategy and basic research at Georgetown’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology, joined OpenAI’s board of directors in September 2021

Who is Mira Murti, the new CEO of OpenAI? This is a special connection with India!

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Meera Murthy has been appointed as interim CEO. Meera Murthy joined OpenAI company in 2018. Meera studied in Canada and is a mechanical engineer.
Meera joined OpenAI (parent company of ChatGPTT) after leaving Tesla company in 2018. In a statement, the company said Murthy is uniquely qualified for the role. We are appointing Chief Technology Officer Meera Murthy as interim CEO, OpenAI said in its statement. Along with this, we are also looking for a permanent CEO to handle this position. Mira Murati can be called the mother of ChatGPT. She has been the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of OpenAI, the company that created the artificial intelligence (AI)-powered chatbot ChatGPIT. He is the brain behind ChatGPT.

Chat GPT CEO’s chair did not go because of sister, why is there speculation!

Open AI, the company behind Chat-GPIT, has ousted its cofounder and CEO Sam Altman. According to OpenAI, it does not have confidence in Altman’s abilities. Open AI is one of the most famous companies in the world today, which is funded by big companies like Microsoft. But now the question is arising as to why Sam Altman was removed. Some people believe that Altman’s sister is behind this.

Old tweets of Altman’s sister Anne are being shared on social media. In these tweets, Anne had accused her brother of misbehavior. Apart from this, he had also accused Altman of sexual exploitation. Due to these tweets, there is speculation that Altman has been removed by the company due to these allegations. Chat GPT created a stir within a short time after its launch last year. Within a short time it had more than 10 lakh users.

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