Jio Pos Plus App – Manage Your Retail Shop Easily {Latest 1.6.6 & 12.7.1 APK Version} What is jio pos plus? How to recharge from jio pos?

Become a top-up partner with Jio Company where you receive a percentage commission on every top-up. Read this post if you want to become a Recharge partner.
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.What is Jio POS ?

how to download Jio pos plus?

How do I log into Jio pos plus?

Who is eligible for Jio pos plus?

How to put money into Jio pos plus?

How much commission is available when recharging Jio pos plus?

Jio pos is an application by Jio Platforms Limited, ie Jio Company. This allows Jio users to charge family, friends, or any of her Jio Sims. As such, Jio users who replenish their Jio will receive a percentage commission from Jio.

How do I download the Jio Pos plus app?

Downloading Jio pos is very easy. Many people also create fake Jio pos download websites. So don’t get involved in all this. To download Jio pos, you need to go to Google Play Store and type jio pos. Then jio pos will appear on the phone screen. Simply click the “Install” button to download. This application has two versions. One jio pos lite and the other jio pos plus both are limited to apps on the jio platform.

Jio POS plus

How do I register for Jio pos?

To log in to Jio pos you need to click on the Jio pos app. And then click on the Register Now option below. After that, a new page will open where you need to enter your email address and phone number. You will then be presented with the option to select your affiliate type. You have to select an option from there.

  1. Activation and Device Partners
    To enable this option, you need to provide your Pan card, Aadhar card and bank details. Enabling this option allows you to activate Jio SIM, replenish it, and perform related tasks from your Jio device solution.
  2. activation partner
    To activate it, you need to provide details of pan card, aadhar card. You can start Jio Sim and charge it.
  3. Charge partner
    No documentation is required for activation. With it you can only top up jio sim. Who is Jio pos for? All of these users are authorized to use the Jio pos application. Use jio sim.

Features of Jio POS plus App

1) Retailers can top up their customers’ mobile phone numbers and pay postpaid bills.
2) Retailers can KYC a customer digitally with just a few clicks.
3) Register another carrier’s customer in her Jio database. B. Go through her MNP porting procedure on the Jio Plus app.
4) Customer completes her GST registration.
5) Complete her Aadhaar eKYC registration for Jio customer. 6) Retailers can buy and sell accessories and devices. H. LYF Devices and Related Accessories.
7) Retailers can order her Jio products through the app.
8) Retailers can manage inventory and inventory of Jio products with just a few clicks.
9) Retailers may also return jio products to distributors or preferred retailers.

How to deposit to Jio Pos plus?

Depositing to Jio pos is very easy. This is explained step by step below.
, First, you need to open Jio POS. , as soon as you open it you will see the money loading option. click. , select the specified amount options 500, 1000, 2000 and click the Next button. , there are many options for payment gateways that allow you to add funds.
What are the top-up Jio pos fees? You will earn 4.16% commission for every ₹100 you top up with Jio pos. For example, adding ₹100 will add ₹4.16 to the jio pos amount. You can also use the passbook function at GeoPOS. In it, you can see the top-ups for the last 20 days.

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Benefits of Jio Plus App:-

After all, the Jio Pos app is designed to do business with Reliance Jio, so there should be some benefit from using the app. Jio pos plus app makes managing Jio products and services very easy and benefits retailers by using the app. The retailer receives a commission for paying charges or bills, and also benefits from activating new her Jio sims and directing customers to her Jio database.

Reliance Jio offers a commission of 4% on gross mobile top-up or bill payments and retailers receive around Rs 40 to activate new Jio customers.
Retailers also received a set amount of incentives based on sales of Jio products, namely Jio phones, JioFi, LYF devices, etc. So far, we’ve covered all the details about the app, features, and benefits, but now we have to ask ourselves a question.

  • How do I install the Jio POS app?
  • How can I update Jio POS?

Jio POS plus

I hope you enjoyed the post from Jio Pos. If you still have questions about Jio Pos, you can ask them in the comments.

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