How to get BGMI Free UC Instantly with 100% working methods

I found that I had to search for BGMI Free UC. Let me explain how to get the answer. You can now use your free UC to get stunning outfits, shiny skins, the Royal Pass, and more. This will give you access to a wealth of in-game items that will enhance your gameplay. 

BGMI content onBuy BGMI Free UC
Latest Added dateJune 12, 2023
UC amount1000 UC
Other RewardsGooglePlay Codes, AmazonPay Cards, Paytm cash

You know that BGMI Free UC isn’t always easy to get for everyone, especially those who don’t want to spend real money playing the game. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the premium BGMI in-game assets. There are many indirect ways to purchase BGMI Free UC. And we’ll show you how to get BGMI Free UC so you can use it to purchase your favorite game items. 

BGMI Free UC tricks% wise methods to get BGMI Free UC
Free Google Play Trick50%
Free AmazonPay Gift Card Tricks20%
Free Paytm Method Tricks10%
Google Opinion Reward Method10%
Giveaway Method5%
Other ways (Apps + Websites)5%

BGMI UC Purchase Price

60 UCNo free UC₹75.00
300+ UC25 Free BGMI UC₹380.00
600+ UC60 BGMI Free UC₹750.00
1,500+ UC300 BGMI Free UC₹1900.00
3,000+ UC850 BGMI Free UC₹3800.00
6,000+ UC2100 BGMI Free UC₹7,500.00

So you must have got an overview of BGMI Free UC, now are you ready to level up your BGMI journey with some BGMI Free UC? Let’s dive in

Note:-If you want to play BGMI games like a pro, you should apply his BGMI sensitivity settings to your gameplay. This website offers confidential settings. 

Buy BGMI FREE UC using Google Play Gift Cards

We all know that BGMI allows you to use various payment methods and payment wallets to purchase game items. When you buy something, you’ve probably seen the option to use Google Play for payment. 

Different payment option to buy BGMI free UC

And what if I say, you can get Free Google Play wallet money? Yes friends, there are many ways using which you can get free play store wallet money. also offers free Google Play gift cards. You can use it to add funds to your Play Store Wallet and use the funds in your Play Store Wallet to get BGMI Free UC. Here we list his latest 5 gift card codes as of June 12, 2023. 

BGMI UC for Free using Google Play Gift Cards

There are many apps in the play store that give Google Play gift cards as rewards. Those apps simply ask you to complete certain tasks which are way simpler than you think. The tasks can be of varied types which include

  • Participating in surveys and surveys
  • Playing quizzes
  • Installing the apps
  • Playing games
  • Listening to music
  • Watching Ads
  • Referring app to others
  • Filling Captchas
  • And Many More…

We have listed some apps below that will give you Google Play Gift Card for completing your tasks and following the instructions:

App NameDownload
mGamer – Earn Money, Gift CardDownload
Gift Center – Earn Game CodesDownload
Make Money: Play & Earn CashDownload
GiftCardsToNaira:Sell GiftCardDownload
Fetch Rewards: Play to earnDownload
mRewards – Games & Earn MoneyDownload
Sell Gift Cards For CashDownload
GamerOp – Earn Daily Gift CardDownload
AppKarma Rewards & Gift CardsDownload
GiftPe: Earn Redeem codeDownload
Gift Card: Coin CollectorDownload
Win Gift Cards – Redeem CodesDownload
Earn Redeem Code-Earn RechargeDownload
Max Money – Earn Redeem CodeDownload
Math Quiz – Earn Redeem CodeDownload
Max Money – Earn Redeem CodeDownload
mRedeem: Earn Redeem CodeDownload
mRedeem : Earn Redeem CodeDownload
Gift Center – Earn Game CodesDownload

BGMI Free UC using AmazonPay Gift Cards

As mentioned above, BGMI offers many payment options for purchasing UC and one of those options is UPI. There are many UPI apps on the market that offer wallet options. AmazonPay is one of the things you can add AmazonPay wallet funds to. And the good news is that visitors will also receive a free Amazon Pay gift card. 

transfer amazonpay to bank edited jpg

All you have to do is visit our website regularly and use your Amazon gift card as soon as possible before someone else steals it. Then add the gift card to your AmazonPay wallet and enter your AmazonPay UPI ID when purchasing BGMI UC. This way you can indirectly get her BGMI Free UC for your account. Here are some Amazon gift cards added on June 12, 2023. 


You can get more such codes on our dedicated Amazon Gift Card Codes page.


Buy BGMI Free UC using Paytm Wallet

As with AmazonPay, you can follow the same steps with Paytm. BGMI also offers a Paytm wallet option for purchasing in-game items. So even if I tell you some ways to get Paytm wallet money for free, it wouldn’t be a great way to buy BGMI Free UC. 

We offer a variety of ways to get free Paytm cash that can be added directly to your Paytm wallet or transferred to your bank. 

You just need to follow the steps given on our blog:

paytm wallet money for BGMI uc jpg

Use these resources to earn free Paytm Cash. When purchasing items in BGMI games, you can indirectly get his BGMI Free UC just by using the money in your Paytm wallet. That’s all there is to do. 

Free BGMI redeem Code from our website Techsonu

There are many BGMI redemption codes that offer many free in-game items, including BGMI Free UC. And these codes are not readily available. You’ll have to dig through a lot of sources to get a single piece of code. But we made it easy. We personally collect a lot of code from various sources and add it to our website. 

Free BGMI redeem Code using Techsonu
BGMI redeem codes
MoreGet BGMI Free UC codes for

Get BGMI Free UC using Google Opinion Rewards App

I have covered this app many times on my website. Google Opinion Rewards rewards users for completing surveys. Once you download and install the app, simply enter your personal information to get started. 

Goggleopinionrewards free google play redeem codes

After that, you will receive regular survey questions about once a week. These questions are easy, short, and don’t take much time. You can earn Google Play credits by posting your opinion on these questions. You can then purchase his BGMI UC using your Google Play credits. 

Here is how it works

  • Install the Google Survey Monitor app from the Play Store.
  • Open the app and enter your personal information to start the process.
  • You will receive survey questions about once a week.
  • These questions are very easy and require minimal time.
  • Share your opinion and earn Google Play credits in return. You can use these credits to purchase free UC in BGMI. 

Here’s how you can change Google Play Credit into UC in BGMI

BGMI UC price 776x1024 1 jpg
  1. When you open a BGMI game, your account will be logged in.
  2. Lobbies or home screens where your character is visible will have a plus sign (+) in the upper right corner.
  3. Tap the plus sign (+) to open a command prompt.
  4. This prompt shows all prices for various UC amounts in BGMI.
  5. You can choose the amount depending on how much Google Play credit you have.
  6. You will then be redirected to the payment page. You will see the Google Play Balance option among all available methods.
  7. Please select this option to complete the payment.
  8. All relevant UC amounts will appear in your in-game account.
  9. You can purchase in-game items in this UC.
  10. You can also purchase game items directly from your Google Play account 

Get BGMI Free UC in Giveaways

There are many popular content creators who stream their BGMI gameplay on video and offer giveaways to their subscribers on a regular basis. These giveaways typically include BGMI redemption codes, BGMI UC and Premium Loyal Passes, and sometimes free Google Play gift cards. 

Get Free BGMI UCs in Giveaways

Although winning free BGMI UC through these giveaways is a matter of luck, getting UC in this way is a safe method. So you can follow the YouTube channels of all those who stream BGMI gameplay videos on their social media accounts like its official BGMI websiteYoutubeTelegramWhatsApp groups and Instagram.

You can remain active on their channel, Instagram handles, or Facebook accounts. And whatever steps they ask you to follow, you can do that to participate in the giveaways.

  • Subscribe to popular BGMI content creators on YouTube and other social media platforms.
  • Stay updated on the dates and rules of upcoming giveaways. You can stay updated by commenting on posts, sharing content, or other actions depending on the content creator’s rules.
  • Remember one thing, participating in the giveaway does not mean winning. Your winning is a game of chance as many fans participate in these giveaways.

Other ways to get BGMI Free UC

Get Redeem Codes or UC by Krafton Official

Krafton, the developer of BGMI, offers various redeemable codes. These codes grant you various in-game resources as free rewards, including UC. You can get these codes by following the title’s official social media accounts or finding them on the internet.

Redeem Codes or UC by Krafton Official

You just need to copy these codes, enter them into the game, and claim free rewards. These codes can be redeemed from the game or by visiting the official website.

Here are the steps to do that:

  • Follow BGMI’s official social media accounts to stay updated on these codes. They can also be found across various internet platforms.
  • Copy these codes and enter them into the game to claim free rewards.
  • Alternatively, you can visit the game’s official website, enter your Character ID and the code, complete the captcha, and click on the Redeem button to claim your freebies.

Use of 3rd party apps to get wallet money & then use them to get BGMI Free UC

In this, we will tell you the 20 best apps or websites that can give you free Google Play points or gift cards that you can use to buy BGMI Free UC. We personally use these types of apps to get gift cards and BGMI Free UC.

3rd party apps to get wallet money and then BGMI UC

Though there is no such direct way that can directly give you BGMI Free UC, however, there are indirect ways.

  • ✅Use these apps to collect points
  • ✅Convert the collected points to Google Play wallet balance
  • ✅Use the Google Play store balance to buy  BGMI Free UC

So here are those apps. Let’s look at them.

  • ➡️Google Play Points: This is a program from Google that rewards you with points for buying or subscribing to apps, games, movies, books, and more on the Google Play Store. You can use these points to get discounts, in-app items, or Google Play credit.
  • ➡️Swagbucks: This is one of the largest and most popular reward websites on the internet. You can earn points by completing various tasks, such as watching videos, playing games, shopping online, and more. And after this, you can redeem these points for Google Play gift cards or other rewards.
  • ➡️PrizeRebel: This is another popular reward website that also pays for completing the surveys. You can earn points by completing surveys on various topics and redeeming them for Google Play gift cards or other rewards. 
  • ➡️AppKarma: This is an app that pays you to try out new apps and games on your phone. You can earn points by downloading and using different apps. Then use these points to redeem them for Google Play gift cards or other rewards.
  • ➡️FeaturePoints: This is a similar app to the previous one that pays you to try out new apps and games on your phone by downloading them from the FeaturePoints store. You can earn points by downloading and using various apps and redeeming them for Google Play gift cards or other rewards. Use Refferal Code NEUTRINO to get 60 points
    • Other similar apps are listed below
      • GiftPanda
      • AppNana
      • AppBounty
      • CashForApps
      • FreeMyApps
  • ➡️Winzo: This is an Indian gaming app that contains plenty of games. You can play these games for free or for cash prizes. You can also earn money by using refer and earn option or participating in tournaments. After this simply use these rewards to withdraw them to your bank account or use them to buy UC in BGMI.
  • ➡️Rooter: This is an app that allows you to stream your gameplay, watch live matches, chat with other gamers, and more. You can also earn money by completing surveys, playing games, or joining giveaways on the app. You can use your money to buy UC in BGMI or other games.
  • ➡️Poll Pay: This is an app that pays you to take part in polls and quizzes on various topics. You can earn money by answering questions and redeem it for Google Play credits or other rewards. 
  • ➡️CashKarma: This is also an app that pays you to watch videos, complete offers, shop online, and more. You can earn points by doing different tasks and redeem them for Google Play gift cards or other rewards.
  • ➡️Mistplay: This app pays you to play games on your phone. You can earn points by playing different games and redeem them for Google Play gift cards or other rewards. Download: Mistplay
  • ➡️CashNGifts: This is an Indian website that pays you to complete various tasks, such as surveys, offers, games, shopping, and more. You can earn points by doing different tasks and redeem them for Google Play gift cards or other rewards.
  • ➡️GrabPoints/InstaGC/PointsPrizes: These are the websites that pay you to complete various tasks, such as surveys, offers, videos, games, and more. You can earn points by doing different tasks and redeem them for Google Play gift cards or other rewards.
  • ➡️Branded Surveys: This platform lets you earn points by taking surveys. You can start redeeming your points for rewards with a $5 balance (500 points)​.
  • ➡️Fetch Rewards: Using this app you can earn points by scanning your store receipts and earning points with each scan. You can start redeeming your points for gift cards with a $3 balance​.
  • ➡️Swagbucks: With Swagbucks, you can earn points by taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, surfing the web and online shopping. These points can then be redeemed for Google Play credits​.
  • ➡️LifePoints: One of the largest survey communities where you can take multiple surveys each day. Most surveys take 15 minutes or less to complete and you can earn $10 Google Play gift codes with 1,080 rewards points​.
  • Bananatic: This platform pays you reward points for activities like Game Quests, Testing Mobile Apps, Watching Sponsor Ads, Shopping Online, Social Media Shares, Writing Articles or Recording Videos. Google Play credits are one of the reward options​.
  • ➡️Product Report Card: A good option for surveys and watching videos. They have surveys from nine different survey networks. Watching videos is another fun way to earn points during your downtime​.
  • ➡️Ibotta: You can get cash back with this app on name brands and generic items. You can also get cash back when you shop online using the app​.
  • ➡️MistPlay: This app rewards you for playing video games on your phone. You earn points for each minute of play and by accomplishing certain in-game milestones​.

Let’s wrap it up

We’ve shared all kinds of methods we know. Now it’s your turn to get back on the battlefield and get the most out of your gaming experience. Remember that it is important not only to get his BGMI Free UC , but also to keep your account and device safe. We have tried and tested these methods to help you earn UC safely and for free. 

what are you looking for Follow the steps below to transform your game character with BGMI UC. Remember, this game is more than just UC, it’s about strategy, skill and most importantly fun. Have fun! 

Some FAQs

Can I get BGMI Free UC?

Yes, you can get BGMI Free UC. We have already provided free methods other than purchasing from the in-app store that can be used to obtain UC without cost​.

How do you get 600 UC for free?

One of the ways to get 600 UC for free is by buying the Elite Royale Pass of BGMI, which gives players around 600 UC for completing the RP missions in the game​.

How much is 300 UC in BGMI?

The cost of 300 UC in BGMI is Rs.380.

How much does 1 UC cost in BGMI?

The cost of 1 UC in BGMI is approximately Rs. 1.5 (based on the rate that 300 UC costs ₹75)

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