How to earn money from Paytm First Games (Earn by registering 50RS)

Friends, today I am going to tell you about paytm first games, on the internet you must have seen many gaming apps in which games You can earn money by playing and this is Real Money which you can transfer to your wallet and your bank account.

There are many ways to earn money from the Internet, in which people keep searching about Online Game Khelkar Paise Kaise Kamaye, because the game is the main means of entertainment and if the means of entertainment becomes the source of earning, then who would not like it and many people Earn money by playing games and in this article too, I am going to tell you about such an amazing Earning App.

With which you can earn money by playing games in mobile, the name of this app is Paytm First Games, some people know about it, but if you want to know that Paytm Se Paise Kaise Kamaye, then I am going to tell about it in this article , Internet But there are many online earning apps from which you can earn money and withdraw that money in Paytm, that is, you can take the earning of those apps in your Paytm account, but now Paytm has launched its own online earning app, so that you can earn money by playing games. You can earn, and you can also earn by making your friends join this app.

This is a very simple way to earn money from the Internet because who does not like to play games, from children to old people, everyone likes to play games in mobile and computer, but there are very few such apps on the Internet that give money for playing games. It is different that many apps claim this, but later when they earn money and start withdrawing money from that app, then they start making some excuses and the money you earned from that app is not yours either. gives

But there are some apps on the internet which are reliable and you will earn money in those apps, they will definitely give you that money, one of these Online Gaming apps is named paytm first games, from this you can earn points and from those points you can earn money for yourself or someone. Recharge on mobile can be used at many places like mobile recharge, bill payment etc.

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What is Paytm First Games? How to earn this money?

This is an online gaming app where you get all the games like Ludo, fantasy cricket, block puzzle, jungle adventure, jump jump, rangoli, mahabharat quiz, bike racing 3 etc. You can also earn, many people like to play Ludo, then you can also play Ludo in this.

Ludo is also available here and you can play Ludo with your friends or anyone online and there are many other action, puzzle and sports games in it which you can play online with your friends or anyone. Can earn money too.

In paytm first games you will find fantasy cricket caption, candy match, teen patti gold, block puzzle, wheel of fortune, jelly crush, puppy crush, rainbow farm, ludo, cooking master, archery world tours, bouncy duck, danger dash, poker, endless truck etc are available

And there is also a Battle option in it from where you can earn Point. And in this app you can also chat with friends, for this it is necessary to have this app in your friends phone also, if your friend does not have this app then you can invite him and then here you will see an option of Chat It happens that you can also chat with your friends.

And if any of your friends use Paytm Game App, then to search for them, go to the chat option and click on the profile icon shown on the top right side of the Friends option.

And then you have to search by entering your friend’s nickname, then you will see your friend’s profile from where you can add and chat with him and play games.

paytm first games is a free app, for using which you do not have to pay any kind of charge, here you can also create your gaming profile, which means you can put your profile pic and upload 6 pictures in the banner. Where you can put screenshots of your games, and you can also fill Gender and date of birth etc option.

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How to earn money by playing games ? 

How to earn money by playing games in Paytm is the question of many people, so for this you do not need to do much, you just have to download and install Paytm First Games app on your device and then you can start its Battle & Challenge. By going to the section, you can easily earn money by playing games from here and you can also convert the money earned from it i.e. points into Paytm cash.

Along with playing games in this app, you can also chat with your friends, you must have heard about MPL app and many people also use MPL, it is the most popular of the apps that earn money by playing games. There are many games that can be played and money can be earned, in MPL also there is an option to chat with friends and follow someone and make them friends, similarly in Paytm first game you can do the same.

In this you can earn money by points, here you get to spin daily where you can earn from 1 point, 2 point, 5 point, 20 point to 2 rs and then by playing quiz you can earn 1 to 5 You can earn points, if you want to earn more and more points, then the best option is here, you get the battle one.

From where you can double your points, but for this it is necessary to know how to play the game you are playing, in the battle option, you get jump jump, ninja duo, 3d highway racer, jet pack brick shooter etc.

In which you have to give 5 to 10 points to participate, like if you join a battle worth 250 rs, then you have to pay 5 points and if your rank is between 1 to 100 people, then you get 1 rs, and You can also earn points by playing free tournaments, here you can play games in verses with anyone.

Means like you say to play in jump jump game versus, then for that you will have to pay a fee of 5 points, then the person you want to play with in verses will be chosen, that means matching will be done, then you and that person will play the game at the same time and if you If you defeat that person then you will get 8 points and if you lose

So your 5 points will be deducted from your account i.e. will be deducted, Battle is a very good way by which you can earn maximum points.

How to earn money from Paytm First Games? 

Earlier Paytm First Game used to have many games like Ludo, Puzzle, Bike Racing, Quiz etc. but now only fantasy cricket is available to the users in this app, if you like cricket and have good knowledge about cricket then easily You can earn money from paytm first game, although there are many fantasy cricket games on the internet.

Of which Dream 11 is the most popular, but more fantasy cricket games have been launched on the Internet, if you are hearing about them for the first time, then I would like to tell that in this you have to make a team and if the team of cricketers you have made, they play well. If you have then you have earning, it is not that only you can play cricket game in this.

Rather, games like football, rummy, hockey are also available in it, from which users can earn, its special thing is that only after creating an account in Paytm First Games, users get cashback of 20 to 50 rupees, which can be used to play those games. This is bonus cash that you cannot send to your account, but the money you earn by playing games from bonus cash remains winning cash that you can receive in your account.

Paytm First Game Download ?

Many people search on the Internet to download Paytm First Game because users do not get this game on Google Playstore, so if you want to download it in your mobile, then you have to download it from the Internet itself. You can do this by typing paytm first games on google

Then you will see the site of the first game, click on it and you will see the option of Get Joining Bonus 50rs and below that the option of Download now will be shown, by clicking on this option you can download it in your device or you can download it from here as well.

Paytm first games

Paytm First Games create account ?

After downloading the Paytm first Games in your mobile, install it in your mobile, if you see install blocked, go to the setting of your mobile and enable it by clicking on the option of unknown sources installation, and paytm game in your mobile Installed it.

Note – When you install the app in your mobile, disable the option of installation of unknown sources.

  • After installing Paytm First Games in mobile, open the option of Have A Referral Code, the user also gets it in this app, by clicking on it, enter this code in the box with Referral Code and click on Apply, this will give you And get more bonus.

You can copy the referral code from here.


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paytm first game account kaise banaye
  • Then here you will see Login with Number and Login as paytm Account these 2 options, if you want to login in this game with your account then you can select Login as paytm option if you want to create account in it with your number. So click on the option with Login with Mobile number.

Then you will be asked to enter your number, enter your 10 digit number here, keep in mind that you have to enter the same number which is active because an otp code will come on the number you enter here and click on the option of Login Securly. .

verify your number
  • Then you will be asked to verify the number here, a verification code will come on your number, put that code here in the verification code box and click on the verify option.
  • Then you have to fill the profile details here,
  1. By clicking on the icon with Upload Avatar, you can put your photo here or you can upload any photo on your profile with this option.
  2. The name you want to appear in the display name is to enter the name, it remains a username, so here you have to enter a name that has not been used by anyone before, here you can use words and numbers in your name. .
  3. You have to select your state from the state option, you can select any state like Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh etc. here.
  4. After this, tick the term and condition option.
  5. After filling all the options correctly, click on the Finish option.

Now your Paytm First Account will be created, now you will reach the dashboard of this app, many options will appear here.

Paytm First Games how to play?

what is paytm first game in hindi
  • In this, after creating an account, you can easily earn money by playing the game, on its dashboard itself, users get the option of rummy, so that you can earn money by playing rummy, for this you have to select the option of Max Player and enter fee.
  • In the Max player option, you have to select the number of people you want to play Rummy with, here at least 2 and more than 6 players can be selected, here you want to play Rummy Game with as many people as you want. You can select as many people as you want.
  • After this, in the Entry fee option, you can select the amount of money you want to play the game with, and click on the play now option.
tap on-tournaments option
  • If you want to play Cricket Fantasy Game, then click on the option of Tourney here, here you see many tournaments, entry fee is given next to which tournament you want to participate, click on it, as soon as you click on the tournament The name of that tournament will appear and the fee will be shown, you have to click on the option to join, after that you will have to pay the entry fee and you will join the tournament.

Then you will be asked to make a team, here you can select the player according to your own, select wicket keeper, batsman, all rounder, bowler etc. is playing and which player is not playing, a lineup comes 20 minutes before the match starts

Due to which the status of the player is visible, Playing is written in front of the player who is playing and not playing or nothing is written in front of the player who is not playing, by the way, if you have more information about cricket then crickbuzz You can find out the complete information about the match from the site, from this you can find out that which player is playing or not playing, but you can also know about their batting order.

How to earn Paytm First games Points?

You must have seen an option named paytm first point in paytm’s cashback and offer option in your mobile, then the question will be in the mind of many people, Kya paytm Game Se Point Kama Sakte Hai, then earlier you could earn points by playing the game but Now only on add money, money transfer, mobile recharge and bill payment but how to use these points

Can you send these points to your wallet, then I would like to tell that when your account has 2000 points, you can transfer them to your account through gift card in wallet, apart from this, those coins can be used for mobile recharge, shopping vouchers etc. I can use those coins.

How to withdraw money from Paytm First Games

When you earn money by playing games from Paytm First Games, then that money is added to Winning cash, which you can get from your wallet and UPI ID, for this you have to do PAN card verification and when your verification is complete If yes, then from this app you can get payment through UPI id, paytm wallet, bank etc. in any way.

How to get payment from Paytm first Games?

When the winning cash will be in your account and you will do the PAN card verification, then you can take payment from it, for this you have to open the payment first game in your mobile and here you will see the wallet option, click on it.

After clicking on the wallet, withdraw will be written next to Winning Account, click on it.

After clicking on the Withdraw option, here you will be shown many options for taking payment like wallet, upi id etc., from which you can get payment by selecting any method from which you want to take payment.

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Paytm First Games FAQ

Q.1 What is Paytm First Games Referral Code?

Answer – manmlt710

Q.2 What are Paytm First games Points?

Answer – This is the cashback offer given by Paytm which users get on recharge, bill payment etc.

Q.3 How to take payment from Paytm First Games?

Answer – From this you can get the payment through your Paytm Wallet and UPI.

Q.4 Is Paytm first Games Safe?

Answer- Yes, this is an app launched by Paytm and it is 100% secure.


Paytm first Games Se Paise Kaise Kamaye In Hindi , there are many ways to earn money from internet, in which people find it easy to earn money by playing online games and everyone likes to play games and now people of almost every age like to play online games. Because it is a good means of entertainment from which money can also be earned.

If you have a lot of knowledge about cricket, you can earn easily by playing fantasy cricket game, the special thing about paytm first is that you get 50RS only after registering, but when you register using referral code.

Only then you get 50RS bonus, I have told the referral code which you can use and then you can earn money by playing games using that bonus which is added to your winning account and money of winning account in your wallet or bank Can send, there are many other ways to earn money from this app

Like you can earn money even by joining this app to your friends, when your friend joins the app from your referral and deposits some cash, then you get some earning from that like your friend between 1 to 100 rupees. money adds to it

So you get 10% cashback and add money between 100 to 1000 then you get 5% cashback, similarly your earning is according to his cash deposit, if he adds less money then more cashback of that money On the contrary, if he adds more and more money, then users get less cashback of that money, in this way you can easily earn from this app.


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