Fearing ‘machine man’, 18 countries signed a 20-page document, everyone’s opinion – it is necessary to control AI.

The potential danger of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now visible. In view of this, 18 countries including America and Britain have agreed on an important agreement. Everyone has come together amid concerns about their own safety.

If AI system falls into wrong hands then it will be a big problem.

All countries are now realizing the potential danger of AI.
Security breach is possible due to Artificial Intelligence.

New Delhi. You may not have yet guessed how dangerous Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be, but its creators are well aware of its potential dangers. This is the reason why many countries around the world are saying in one voice that AI should be designed in such a way that it is completely secure.

A dozen countries including America and Britain have signed an international agreement on Sunday. According to a report in The Hindu, according to a US official, this agreement was to take steps to keep the Artificial Intelligence system safe from criminal elements. The companies producing it should make the AI ​​system “Secure by Design”.

20 page document:
According to the information received, a total of 18 dozen countries have agreed to the 20 page document. Apart from the United States and Britain, the 18 countries that have signed the new guidelines include Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, Australia, Chile, Israel, Nigeria and Singapore.

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The aim of all the countries involved in this is that AI should not be misused and the public should remain safe. However, the agreement is not binding and contains general recommendations, such as monitoring AI systems, protecting data from tampering, and conducting periodic audits and assessments of software suppliers.

Security issue first
Still, Jane Easterly, director of the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, said it is significant that so many countries are on board with the idea that AI systems need protection. Easterly said this is the first time that there is agreement that the most important thing, which is security, is being addressed in the design phase before features. This framework deals with the questions of protecting AI technology from being hacked by hackers.https://d-24381337523642884575.ampproject.net/2311171837000/frame.html

The rise of AI (Artificial intelligence) generated art 2023

Europe is ahead of America
According to Reuters report, Europe is ahead of the United States in terms of rules related to AI, because the lawmakers there are drafting AI rules. France, Germany and Italy also recently reached an agreement on how artificial intelligence should be regulated. Joe Biden (US President) administration is pressuring lawmakers for AI regulation, but a polarized US Congress has made little progress in passing effective regulation.

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