What is Fantasy Akhada App and how to earn money from Fantasy Akhada

Fantasy Akhada Apk Download | Fantasy Akhada App Download | Fantasy Akhada Sign Up | Fantasy Akhada Referral Code | Fantasy Akhada App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye i.e. all information related to Fantasy Akhada App

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In our country nowadays, the money earning app in online cricket has become very popular, because during the free entry fantasy cricket app, people have the opportunity to become millionaires from millionaires to millionaires by paying free or nominal entry fees and teaming apps sitting at home. Are being given.

That’s why most of the people are now betting on cricket game competition to earn money and those who are lucky are also successful in winning crores of rupees.

Fantasy arena app is also one of the popular fantasy match making apps on which you can play three to four different types of fantasy games.

If your luck is good then you can be able to earn lakhs of rupees from here .

On this page, we will give you the information “ What is Fantasy Akhada App , Fantasy Akhada App Apk Download and how to earn money online from Fantasy Akhada App”.

What is fantasy arena? What is Fantasy Akhada App?

Fantasy Data is a fast growing fantasy platform of our country India, which is promoted by Harsha Bhogle , who works for commentary in Indian cricket team matches .

Fantasy Arena App has been developed by a company named Super Six Gaming Private Limited , whose headquarter is located in Noida city of Uttar Pradesh.

Fantasy Akhada App gives you an opportunity to participate in different fantasy tournaments by paying entry fees and also gives you a chance to become Lakhpati to Crorepati from the comfort of your home.

On fantasy arena game playing app you can play games like football, fantasy kabaddi, fantasy basketball and cricket money earning app and earn money.

Every day attractive contests are organized here in which you can participate. Fantasy Akhada Match Lagane Wala App claims that it gives people on its platform an opportunity to enjoy playing games, as well as generate online income.

Fantasy Akhada App Download Details:

cricket team maker app nameFantasy Arena App
app categoryfantasy app
total downloadover 3 million
availabilityAndroid and iOS
Fantasy Arena Sign UpGet ₹500 Bonus Instantly
referral bonusunknown
Fantasy Arena Referral CodeRND500
payment methodPaytm, Bank Transfer
Fantasy Arena Minimum WithdrawalMinimum withdrawal of Rs 50
Fantasy Akhada App Apk DownloadFantasy Akhada New Version Download
Fantasy Akhada App Download What is Fantasy Akhada Apk and How to Earn Money from Fantasy Akhada 2023 Full Information

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Fantasy Akhada App Download Kaise Kare – How to download Fantasy Akhada App?

To earn money by playing online fantasy games on fantasy arena apk you will need to download it.

However, if you are thinking that you will be able to download it from the Play Store, then it is not so. You will be able to download Fantasy Arena Apk only from Fantasy Arena official website, whose process is being explained below.

1: To download Asli Akhada App, first of all you have to open any browser. We are using UC Browser here.

2: After the browser is opened, you have to click on the search box appearing above and write “ Fantasy Akhada Apk Download ” in English language and search.

3: After the completion of the searching process, the first website which appeared on your screen is the official website of Akhada Fantasy App. You have to click on this website.

4: After clicking on the official website of the Akhada Fantasy App (Fantasy Akhada.Com), the Fantasy Akhada website will open.

5: Now you have to scroll down and come down a bit. On coming down, you have to click on the button which is visible for Download for Android user.

6: After doing this process, another download button will appear in an orange box on your screen. You have to click on this also.

Now the fantasy akhada application downloading process will start and once 100% is done the application will be downloaded.

How to Install Fantasy Arena App? – Fantasy Arena Install Apk

Once you have downloaded the fantasy akhada apk , you still cannot create an account on it, because now you will need to install the fantasy akhada app. The information on how to install the fantasy figure app is being given below.

1: First of all you have to go to your file manager.

2: Now you have to click on the downloaded folder.

3: Now you will see Fantasy Akhada Cricket Earning App. You have to click on the name of the application.

4: Now you will see two options like Cancel and Install, out of which you have to click on the Install button. If you are asked to enable unknown sources by the application, then you have to enable unknown sources.

Now Fantasy Akhada Cricket will be installed in a short while.

How to create an account on Fantasy Arena App ?

To earn money by playing this Cricket Se Paise Kamane Wala Game, you will need to create an account on the application. Below is the information to create fantasy akhada application account.

1: To create an account, you have to open the application and then click on the option of inter mobile number in the yellow box shown below.

Step 2: Now a blank box with Inter mobile number will appear on your screenIn that box, you have to enter the phone number on which you want to create an account.

3: After entering the mobile number, you have to click on the Send OTP button appearing in front.

4: Now a one time password will be sent to your phone number by this cricket team maker app. You have to enter it in the empty box shown on the screen.

Step 5: Now you have to enter the information given below in their respective places.

Email Id: Here you have to enter your email id. Remember this should be the same email id that you use.

Username: Here you have to enter the username. You can enter any username.

Do You Have A Referrel Code: If you have a referral code then enter it here otherwise skip it. Enter (Fantasy Akhada Ka Referral Code: RND500 ) to earn 500 Paytm cash instantly.

6: Now you have to click on the Continue button shown below.

After taking this action, your account is created on “ Fantasy Akhada Cricket App ”.

Fantasy Arena App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye – How to earn money from Fantasy Arena App?

With Fantasy Akhada App Download For Android, you can earn money not only in one but in different ways, which you must know about.

So that the person applying this team can earn maximum through the apps and can earn money sitting at home. Below we are sharing with you the information about the ways to earn money through this application.

Step 1: Earn Money Online From Fantasy Arena With Signup Bonus

Do you know that your earning starts from the first time you create your account on this application.

In fact, every new user is given a welcome bonus of ₹ 500 after creating an account on this platform for the first time by the matchmaker app, which can be used by the person to pay the entry fee to play different types of money earning cricket games available on the application. Can be used as filling.

This is included in a free entry fantasy cricket app ie Cheapest Fantasy App List.

2: How to earn money by playing online games from fantasy arena

To earn the most money from Fantasy Arena, you have to play different types of games online available on it.

As we told you above that on Fantasy Arena you can earn money by playing games like Fantasy Kabaddi, Hockey, Basketball and Cricket Earn Money Game.

For this all you have to do is build the team and pay the entry fee and join the competition you want to participate in. After the competition is over, you are given money according to your rank.

How to play the game on Fantasy Arena App? – How To Download Fantasy Akhada App

To play game on fantasy akhada application you have to create team, after that you can play game. The process of playing the game is as follows.

1: To play the game on Fantasy Akhada application, first of all you have to open the APK from Fantasy Akhada Download Link and login by creating your account.

2: After the Fantasy Akhada Login, you have to select the match you want to play and then click on Create My Team button.

3: Now you have to prepare a team of Total 11 players with Captain and Vice Captain.

4: Now you have to join any of the free or cash contests. If you win in the cash contest, you will get the prize and if you join the free contest, you can just enjoy the match.

Step 5: Now you have to pay the entry fee for the match.

Step 6: You can use Debit Card, Credit Card, UPI, Paytm Wallet and Bank Account to pay the entry fee.

7: After paying the entry fee, when the match starts, you will get points based on your player’s performance.

After the match is over, the player who has the most points will be given money according to his rank.

Fantasy Akhada

Fantasy Arena Se Paise Kaise Nikale – How to withdraw money from Fantasy Arena?

Withdrawal facility is given when Fantasy Arena Minimum Withdrawal is ₹ 50. If your Fantasy Akhada Withdrawal Limit has reached ₹ 50, then you have to follow the procedure given below to withdraw the money.

1: To withdraw money from Fantasy Arena, you have to open the application first.

2: After opening the application, you have to click on the option of Fantasy Arena Wallet.

3: Now Fantasy Akhada Wallet will appear on your screen, in which you will see the current balance.

4: You have to click on the “Fantasy Akhada Paytm Withdrawal” and bank account button which is visible in front of the current balance.

Step 5: Now enter the amount of money you want to withdraw in the Inter Amount box. Remember that the amount of money you are entering should also be in your wallet.

6: After entering the money, you have to select the payment method shown below, under which you will get options like Paytm and Bank Transfer.

7: After selecting any payment method, you have to fill its details. If you have selected bank account then you have to enter bank account details and if you have selected Paytm then you have to enter Paytm details.

8: After entering the information, you have to click on the submit button shown below.

Now within 1 day you will get your withdrawn money in the respective payment method.

fantasy arena score update

After the start of the competition on Fantasy Akhada application, the score is updated every 2 minutes and the last time the score is calculated and updated after the match is over.

After this, after the scores of all the teams are verified, the winner is announced and the rank is issued to the people in the leaderboard and according to the rank, then the prize is distributed to them immediately.

fantasy arena money deposit

money deposit on fantasy akhada applicationUser can use different transaction methods such as Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking and different wallets to deposit money

If the user is facing any kind of problem related to add money on fantasy akhada apk then he/she can visit the contact page of this application and talk to the responsible worker.

fantasy akhada contest

The option of free, practice and cash contest is given to the user through the Fantasy Arena application. The details of the cash contest available on it are as follows.

  • Mega Contest: Here you stand a chance to win guaranteed prize money.
  • Head-To-Head: Here only 2 players play the game in which the chances of winning are high.
  • Gangwar: Here a competition with a maximum of 10 members is organized.
  • Winner Take All: Three to four players play the game in this.
  • Contest for Champion: In this the entry fee is high but the prize money is also very high.

How to verify fantasy akhada app account ?

You have to go through the account verification process only once on this application. You have to provide PAN card details to verify the account. To verify fantasy akhada application account you have to follow the below mentioned procedure.

1: To verify the account, first you have to verify your phone number through OTP.

Step 2: Now you need to enter the email ID and get it verified as well. If you have created an account using Facebook or Google, then your email ID is automatically verified.

3: After the email ID is verified, you have to enter your PAN card number in the specified space and upload the photo copy of your PAN card and after filling other information, you have to click on the submit verification button.

After taking these steps, the verification of your PAN card is completed within 24 hours


When can I withdraw money from Fantasy Arena App?

For Fantasy Arena Real Cash Withdrawal, you can withdraw to Paytm Cash or your Bank Account once you reach ₹50.

Which to use to withdraw money from Fantasy Arena App?

There are many money earning apps in Paytm, out of which this is also one and it can withdraw money immediately to Paytm wallet or bank account.

What is required to get Fantasy Akhada App KYC done?

PAN card is required for KYC.

Is Fantasy Arena app available on Apple App Store?

Yes! If you want to download Fantasy Arena app then download it from Google Play Store.

What is Fantasy Arena Referral Code 2023?

If you want Rs.500 bonus immediately, use the code RND500.

From where to download Fantasy Akhada Old Version Apk?

If you want to download Fantasy Akhada Old Version, then do it from another app downloading website.

Conclusion: Fantasy Akhada New Version Download – How to earn money from Fantasy Akhada App

Here we have learned about Fantasy Akhada App Apk among those Cricket Se Jyada Paise Kamane Wala Apps which include Fantasy Akhada Kya Hai, Fantasy Akhada 2.5 Apk Download, Fantasy Akhada Promo Code 2023, and Fantasy Akhada App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye.

If you are wondering how to earn money from fantasy arena then download Fantasy Arena App for Android for free.

If you have any question related to fantasy akhada app download then comment us. Thank you!

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