Radha Vembu: Wealth worth Rs 35,000 crore, yet a life full of simplicity, one of the richest women of India, very few people know her name.

Radha Vembu is the co-founder of Chennai-based multinational technology company Zoho Corporation. Radha Vembu’s assets are said to be ₹34,900 crore.


  1. Radha Vembu’s father was a stenographer in the Madras High Court.
  2. Coming from a middle-class family, Radha Vembu created her own special identity.
  3. Radha Vembu is at 10th place in the list of India’s richest women.

In the last few years, many women entrepreneurs have earned a big name in India, but to reach the position these women have today, they have struggled for years. One such woman who inspires millions of young entrepreneurs in the country is Radha Vembu, co-founder of Zoho Corporation. Recently she became the richest self-made Indian woman according to 360 One Wealth Hurun India Rich List 2023.

Radha Vembu Networth

According to DNA report, Radha Vembu’s assets are said to be ₹34,900 crore. In this respect, she has come at 40th place in the list of India’s richest people. Radha Vembu is also the director of Janaki Hi-Tech Agro, an agricultural NGO and a real estate company called Highland Valley.

The brothers and sisters made the family name to pride

Radha and Sridhar Vembu’s father was a stenographer in the Madras High Court. Coming from extremely middle-class families, Radha Vembu and Sridhar Vembu created their own special identity. Radha Vembu joined Zoho in 1997 after graduating in Industrial Management from IIT Madras. Due to her inclination towards technology and innovation, she gradually progressed in the company.

Radha Vembu’s wealth lies primarily in her largest stake in Zoho Corporation, a Chennai-based multinational technology company. Company CEO Sridhar Vembu holds only 5 percent stake, but Radha Vembu holds 47 stakes. Radha Vembu’s brother Sridhar Vembu himself is known for his struggle, success and simplicity.

Under the leadership of Radha Vembu, Zoho saw tremendous growth in its product portfolio. Currently, Zoho provides technology services to meet various business needs in 180 countries. Radha Vembu is also known for her social responsibility along with business. He has taken big initiatives regarding various educational programs and scholarships to empower the youth in the field of education.

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