7 Brutally Violent Action Movies You Must Watch 2024

Β πŸ”₯ Unleash the Adrenaline: 7 Brutally Violent Action Movies You Must Watch As a self-proclaimed action movie enthusiast, I’m thrilled to share with you a curated list of 7 must-watch films that will leave you on the edge of your seat. These movies may not have the most captivating storylines, but they more than make up for it with their relentless, bone-crushing action sequences.

Polar πŸ”ͺ

The first movie I want to tell you about is Polar, a 2019 film where an assassin is nearing retirement. His organization decides they want to take him out before he retires, so they send a series of new assassins after him. As you might expect, this seasoned killer is incredibly skilled and takes out each new threat in a brutally violent manner. The big question is why the organization wants him dead and whether he’ll be able to survive in the end. The lead actor, Mads Mikkelsen, is known for his intense acting, and the movie has a surprising twist at the end that you won’t see coming. This is a must-watch for fans of hardcore action.

Kate πŸ’€

The next movie is Kate, a 2021 film about an assassin who is poisoned and only has 24 hours left to live. Rather than accept her fate, she decides she’s not going to die alone – she’s going to track down and kill the person who poisoned her. Over the course of a single day, she violently fights her way through all the people standing in her way to get to the senior-level criminal mastermind behind the plot. The action sequences featuring this female assassin are incredibly intense and satisfying to watch. If you’re a fan of high-octane, bloody action, this is a movie you need to see.

Ninja Assassin πŸ₯·

This movie features a ninja who has left his clan, but the clan members are determined not to let anyone abandon them. They relentlessly pursue him, and the film is filled with epic one-on-one ninja-on-ninja battles. What’s great about this movie is that it focuses more on bladed weapons like swords and knives rather than guns, so the fight scenes have a unique and gruesome quality to them. The final action sequence in particular is an absolute bloodbath that you have to see to believe.

Carter πŸ”«

Carter is a 2022 movie about a soldier who wakes up with no memory of how he got where he is. All he knows is that he’s on some kind of mission, and people keep showing up trying to kill him. As he violently dispatches one threat after another, he slowly pieces together what’s going on. While the story and characters may not be the most compelling, the nonstop action in this film is simply outstanding. The fight choreography is designed in a way that there are no obvious cuts, making the violence feel relentless and immersive. If you’re a fan of pure, unadulterated action, this is a movie you need to check out.

Violent Night πŸŽ…

Violent Night is a 2022 film starring David Harbour as a gritty, violent version of Santa Claus. A wealthy family is attacked by terrorists on Christmas Eve, and Santa decides to step in and protect them. The way he goes about doing that is where the movie gets its title – Santa unleashes a brutal, bloody rampage to save the family. This is an incredibly fun and over-the-top action movie that leans hard into the holiday theme for some unique and memorable set pieces.

Upgrade πŸ€–

In Upgrade, a man whose wife is killed and who is left paralyzed agrees to have an experimental computer chip implanted in his body that gives him enhanced strength and fighting abilities. He then uses these new abilities to track down and violently take revenge on the people responsible for his wife’s death. The action sequences in this movie are incredibly creative, with the character’s enhanced abilities allowing for some truly brutal and creative kills. It’s a unique spin on the revenge thriller genre that’s definitely worth checking out.

The Night Comes for Us πŸ”ͺ

This movie follows a former gang member who tries to leave his violent life behind, but his former associates won’t let him go. What follows is an extended, bloody battle as he fights to escape them. The fight choreography in this film is some of the best you’ll see, with incredibly intense and visceral hand-to-hand combat sequences. If you’re a fan of gritty, hardcore action, this is a must-watch.

The Raid πŸ₯·

This movie follows a rogue ninja who has left his clan, only to find himself hunted by his former comrades. What ensues is a relentless series of one-on-one ninja battles, each one more thrilling and visually stunning than the last. The choreography and camerawork in these fight scenes are simply breathtaking, and you’ll find yourself completely immersed in the world of these skilled warriors.

Atomic Blonde πŸ’₯

Set against the backdrop of the Cold War, this 2017 thriller stars Charlize Theron as a lethal spy tasked with recovering a valuable dossier. The fight choreography in this movie is simply off the charts, with Theron delivering some of the most brutal and realistic hand-to-hand combat scenes ever committed to film. You’ll be left in awe of her sheer physical prowess.

Extraction πŸ”ͺ

In this 2020 Netflix offering, Chris Hemsworth plays a former Special Forces soldier who is hired to rescue the kidnapped son of an international crime lord. What follows is a white-knuckle thrill ride, with Hemsworth’s character engaging in a series of jaw-dropping action set pieces that will leave you breathless. The movie’s centerpiece is a 12-minute, single-take chase sequence that is simply unparalleled in its intensity and technical execution.

Remember, these movies aren’t for the faint of heart. If you’re ready to embrace the violence, grab your remote and queue up these adrenaline-packed films. Your pulse will be racing, and you’ll never look at action movies the same way again! πŸ’₯🎬🍿

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