10 Simple Work From Home Jobs Suitable For Indian Women in 2023

Remote work or work from jobs has become very popular over the past few years, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic and the shift to a more digital era. Many women are actively looking for remote opportunities to build their careers while also managing their other responsibilities.

An increasing number of people are ditching the 9 to 5 drill and the gig economy is undeniably at an all-time high. The question no longer swings between to do or not to do. It has also shifted to – what are the best work from home jobs currently viable in India?

The power of the internet is higher in magnitude than what we can collectively imagine. There’s the internet to bring you resources to learn and upskill yourself, then there are the social media platforms to market yourself as an expert in the said field. And finally, there’s the internet again to find jobs that fit you the best. 

Although one should keep in mind that the earnings from these best work from home jobs in India depend completely on you and your work. As it’s directly proportional to your capabilities, you know where your focus should be. 

Work From Home Jobs

What are the possible benefits and disadvantages of working from home?

A remote job gives you a lot of benefits, which includes:

1. Flexible working hours

2. (For mothers) Stay close to your children

3. Save time by not travelling every day to and from the workplace

4. Earn money online

5. Connect with people

6. Seamless work-life balance

A remote job tends to get challenging in many ways. Work from home opportunities have a few disadvantages too that one comes across such as:

1. Initial hiccups

2. Poor guidance

3. Distractions

4. Taken for granted by employers

5. Pay is not as fulfilling as full-time jobs, although there may be some exceptions

On the other hand, these jobs are great career opportunities for Indian women who cannot work outside the home. As we have already encountered, housewives face the pressure of caring for children and extended families, which is why most women choose to leave work after marriage. This gives them a great opportunity to be more productive and use their skills at work, while providing much-needed flexibility at home. It not only helps the women of the family to contribute financially to the family but also helps them to become independent enough.

They can pursue some of their dreams and start a family while working. This helps them to overcome the family and society’s persistent reluctance for housewives to work outside the home.

Simple Work From Home Jobs Suitable For Indian Women

1. Online Tutor

Online Tutor

Internet usage has far-reaching advantages and one of them being the access to an affordable and much convenient education these days. Online tutors are the ones who make it possible.

Teachers can earn up to 30k per month and beyond depending on the authority they’ve established. Find reliable streams and apply them to acclaimed platforms of online education. Work smartly to increase your demand.

2. Pastry Chef Of Your Own Bakery

Pastry Chef Of Your Own Bakery

If you are interested in baking and have the skills to bake simple or delicate cakes, cookies, pies and many other sweets and desserts, you can start your own patisserie. Even if you don’t want to invest in your store space, you can opt for a simple delivery service. This allows you to save on-site investment and buy more baked goods. Today, the pastry industry has grown rapidly and has become a part of our daily meals, from parties to desserts to comfort food.

It has a wide range and is in demand throughout the year for various occasions from birthdays to weddings, parties, anniversaries, festivals, ceremonies and many more. You can make good money and pre-order and ship at the pre-order price and pay full price before shipping because it suits you. You can also list yourself on food apps like Swiggy, Dunzo, Zomato and more.

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3. Blogger

There is no better source of passive income than this. If you’re really passionate about a particular topic that can be ranging from fashion, fitness, food, gardening, travel or even philosophy, you can perfectly start your own blog.

Now is the time where you can even start microblogging through Instagram. The amount you get is really handsome. And the elements that add to your income are Google AdSense, influencer marketing and affiliate marketing. 

To maximize your earnings you should know your short-term and long-term blogging goal. For instance, you can decide whether you wish to drive sales or increase traffic on the blog. 

4. Content Writer

Content creation or writing has truly created its place among the most effective work from home jobs in India. The simple reason for this can be the demand for the work.

Businesses essentially have to educate, inform, or entertain people through content and that is what’s going to create people to opt for their brand. you can be pretty positive that the business won’t have a scarcity for this type of work from home choices in India. A beginner could expect something between 15k to 20k in India.

Continuously work on enhancing your writing skills. Choose projects that pay you well. And keep pitching your writings to the largest publications of the country.

5. Vlogger


A vlog is nothing but just a blog in a video format. Haven’t you stumbled upon many YouTube food channels created by homemakers? These are their own vlogs. Not just food vlogs, there are travel vlogs, DIY craft vlogs, informative, parenting or motivational talk vlogs, etc. If you’ve got the talents to create videos like these, you can begin your own channel. Once your channel hits a particular number of views, you begin getting paid for it. If you gain popularity you’ll earn from affiliate marketing or product promotions too. All you would need is a high-quality camera or camera phone and mic to begin posting.

6. Social Media Influencer

Do you have a fan following on Twitter or Instagram? You can become an influencer. Influencers are highly sought after these days by big brands and companies. They play a significant role in word of mouth communication for brands through their audiences and followers. Influencers not only promote a product through their social media platform presence but some of them also tend to review many products. They bag a good amount of commission from these activities depending on their partnering brands!

7. Data Entry

Often mistaken as too easy, the job demands smooth and efficient processing of large amounts of information.

In short, the task is to enter data into a computer system or some sort of secure file system. You can charge as per your choice, either per project or per hour for such work and earn a decent income. There is no shortage of this type of work in the market, so you can make good money from it. All you need is attention to detail, a decent computer, fast internet, MS Office installed and some fast typing skills. You can work from home on a schedule that suits you.

If you feel this is the best fit for your situation, you can create a profile on freelance sites such as Freelancer.com and SimplyHired.com. You can also use freelance portals to find projects that interest you the most. You can also increase revenue by continuously improving accuracy and speed over time.

8. Home-Cooked Tiffin Services

Home-Cooked Tiffin Services

For those of you who have wonderful magical hands at cooking, this option could be one of a thing for you. Indian household women are blessed with the best cooking skills and you could put it to some great use other than just cooking at home. Yes< it would require some more time and a lot more efforts to manage with your everyday chores. You can start your own cooking and packaging business and start a small tiffin service of sorts initially. 

These days, many people who work don’t find the time to cook food regularly and are tired of ordering food all the time, as it is expensive and also not very healthy at most times. You can easily make use of this opportunity and make it a huge success if possible. You can make a small menu of home-cooked everyday food and offer it as subscriptions for those interested in your services. There are many food apps that are promoting such services to home cooks as a business professionally, like Zomata, Swiggy, Homely and many more.

9. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are freelancers who work remotely through the internet and facilitate businesses across the globe with numerous administrative tasks and keep everything organized. They are usually assigned to handle tasks like composing and responding to emails, making business documents like PowerPoint presentations and Excel sheets. It also includes responding to business inquiries, managing blogs and websites and a lot more. Anybody can become a VA – as long as they’ve good communication skills and are comfortable operating computers and applications like MS Office. You can find the best VA jobs at freelance sites such as Elance.com, Zirtual.com, Fivver and Upwork.com.

10. Graphic Designing

Similar to content writing, graphic designing is also a field full of endless opportunities. If you’re a creative person, who has the knowledge of Photoshop and some other useful graphics tools, then graphic designing is the one for you. It actually has a lot of scope to work from home. In this generation of social media buzz, creative posts are what captures the attention of a user. Graphic designers main function is to help in grabbing the attention of these users and achieve greater engagement on social media platforms. You can pick up from various companies or brands, with a decent pay to go along with your interests.

Graphic Designing

Where to start with work from home opportunities?

If you are wondering about how to start, then start right now! First find the right courses to help you upskill, if you don’t already have the expertise in what interests you. Be passionate about the job you choose and do not take it up just to make some money. Update your LinkedIn profile regularly with your projects over time, as many employers can find you from there. You can find jobs through freelance websites too. Also, last but never the least, connect with a lot of people.

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